Help Quanzhou Seacell inscription, riding along the Silk Road



of Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Cycling Association organized many riders Chen Yangcan and Liu Haixiang together to ride into the city, Liu Hisoar global riding, publicity Quanzhou feat point praise.

Luoyang bridge formerly million ONKYO, in the Luoyang River Estuary, 5 kilometers away from the spring city, the Northern Song Dynasty emperor? Five to? Four years (1053 ~ 1059) by the magistrate of Quanzhou Bo presided over the building. Luoyang bridge is one of the earliest surviving cross sea bridges in Dashiqiao, which has become the pride of the people of Quanzhou. In Quanzhou, "standing like things down as Luoyang bridge tower," saying, be handed down from age to age.

"solo Superman" Liu Haixiang alumni back to his alma mater to welcome

on the morning of December 25, 2016, Chen Jiageng Memorial Hall in front of the Huaqiao University, drums bursts of excitement, singing loud and greet guests. Huaqiao University Quanzhou Alumni Association held here for Superman Liu Haixiang alumni back to his alma mater to welcome Liu Haixiang alumni to indomitable will, firm and indomitable spirit, in the way of low-carbon, re take the Silk Road Tour, starting from Italy, through 15 countries, and 21 provinces, Chinese ring riding lasted 417 days, travel 26000 km, a single riding alone, walk fatigued with the journey can be called, writing a legendary life feat. Quanzhou Seacell inscription help, for Belt and Road Initiative propaganda work, Hisoar alumni riding feat a very good interpretation of the love dare to fight to win the Quanzhou spirit, to show the Chinese University sub style style.

the morning of December 25th, Huaqiao University 2010 MBA alumni, riding around the world, around the China, "solo Superman" said Liu Haixiang returned to his alma mater. In front of the Chen Jiageng memorial hall, vice president of the board of directors of the school, the president of the Quanzhou Alumni Association, President of the Federation of, such as welcome to return to the president of the United States, such as the return of Liu Haixiang, Wu Xiaobin, chairman of the MBA. Today to attend the ceremony and the Council of the Huaqiao University, Xiang Shimin, director of the office of Alumni Association Alumni Association Secretary General Wang Qiang, Quanzhou Alumni Association executive vice president Li Jian, Huang Hongbin, Lin Shou, administered by the alumni association chairman Hong Hong, Secretary General Chen Siping, Professor of Law School Alumni Association, honorary president of Quanzhou Kang Yuchen Alumni Association Deputy Secretary General Chen Jiazhen, Xie Xiaopeng.

Vice president of Huaqiao University has said

Road, alumni Liu Haixiang overcame all kinds of difficulties and challenges, help the Seacell inscription and spreading the Chinese culture and publicity, publicity hometown alma mater, fully demonstrated the Chinese University style. He wished Liu Haixiang to get more and better results, the spirit of the Chinese people to more places for the reputation and influence of his alma mater to make greater contributions to the spread.

Liu Haixiang alumni;