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  • April 16, 2018
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He was a patriotic compatriots Zacheng disability has not yet discharged core tip: 2012 in the Diaoyu Islands Dispute intensified, China a city outbreak of large-scale Anti Japanese demonstrations in Xi’an in September 15th, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets, the scene out of control. Li Jianli, is the most serious victims of the 915, he was a stalker with U type lock breakdown of the skull, but fortunately timely rescue, miraculously saved a life. The psychological pain may be able to bridge over time, and the physical disability, will never be restored. Phoenix November 1st "well-being of life", the following is the text: Han Chongguang: at the time of the location should be in this position, she used a roll of toilet paper covering his head, slowly to squeeze the toothpaste, squeeze out a thick white, sticky with blood that. Commentary: Han Chongguang, 34 years old, in Xi’an operating hardware business, four years ago in the heavy traffic on the street, he saved a beaten brains cracked stranger. 2012 Sino Japanese Diaoyu Islands Dispute intensified, a number of cities in China broke out a large-scale Anti Japanese demonstrations, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Xi’an in September 15th, the scene out of control. Some people in the name of patriotism, smashed Japanese cars and related shops, the whole city was plunged into chaos and disorder. Jiang Xue: very intense riots, and the walls around the city of Xi’an, there are several gates are guarded by soldiers, but shall not enter, the whole street was empty, the dim street lights, no one, after that time the martial law is like a dead city, you can feel such a scene after the disaster, the city brought harm. Commentary: Jiang Xue, when he was the director of a Xi’an metropolis daily review, 915, after the second day, she interviewed a number of witnesses and victims of personal identity, and published an article on the Internet, "the pain of Xi’an". The article of Li Jianli, is "the worst victims" in 915, he was using the U type lock skull demonstrators a breakdown, but fortunately the rescue in time, a miracle to save a life, and when he was 51 year old Li Jianli, is Japanese rescue Han Chongguang’s brains cracked the owner, he experience has also become the Anti Japanese demonstrations in one of the most shocking incident to the public. Four years after the snow: I do not know you later, I think you must be discharged home. Li Jianli: not discharged. Jiang Xue: it’s always been here. Li Jianli: 45 beds, more than four years. Jiang Xue: I have been in this 45 bed, I remember that was the room. Commentary: four years ago after being admitted to hospital, Li Jianli made two craniotomy, titanium metal filled head crushed skull, but left due to serious damage, resulting in right hands is not a normal activity, his wife Wang Juling still accompany him in the hospital for rehabilitation training, the small room already became husband and wife two home. Wang Juling: I do not know how to come over the past few years, I do not know when to go to this kind of day, to which year which month. Chen Xiaonan: Li Jianli and his wife, Wang Juling, is a native of Xi’an, at the end of the 90s restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the couple both laid off, so they opened a taxi, husband wife the day shift, night shift, although very hard;相关的主题文章: