Have you ever seen a fish with a big sucker in Wenzhou, Nanxi River autobots

Have you ever seen a fish with a big sucker in Wenzhou, Nanxi River? A few days ago, Wenzhou County, Yongjia Town, a fisherman found the County Agricultural Bureau, would like to ask experts to help themselves to see the 4 strange fish. The fishermen said, these fish are the intersection and the lower reaches of Nanxi River captured in Nanxi River and Oujiang, ferial in fishing here, but basically are some of the common edible fish, the catch has never seen. The staff of the Yongjia Bureau of agriculture and Fisheries Station carefully identified a soon recognized three: four, money refers to the threadfin fish, sharp kiss (sound specialise in "hot"), belong to the marine fish, although not common, but the number is not small. Look at the fourth, the staff also suddenly can not name. This let the staff worry from the side, fish, and fish is not only common difference, relatively slender shape, the fish flat front, back slowly becomes sharp, whole body black; look back, compared to ordinary fish is relatively flat, abdominal arc shape, the mandible than in the maxillary length, even more strange is the there is a big sucker, back, and common characteristics of the fish back and abdomen on the contrary. The staff turnover related books, decided this Hawaii called Yin (sound "seal") fish, belonging to the genus echeneidae perciformes. This is a very enjoyable fish. Of course, to put it bluntly, is a bit lazy. Because the fish swimming ability is poor, so it is like in the sea, only through the sucking back, adsorbed on the swimming ability of large sharks, sea turtles, whale belly, if I met the sea by a ship, it will be directly sucked into the bottom, then followed by fish or ship hold, tour where what count. "If the fish are other fishing vessels to offshore, meet people swimming, it will also direct suction regardless of the danger to people, it can be said that it is a typical free traveler in the ocean." The staff said, the fish travel this seemingly random, actually has a purpose, it will move on while watching the side, there is no nearby delicacy, if to a rich food place, will not say hello, directly from the adsorption body off, then foraging. Eat later, the fish will then look for a swim or boat can rub fish, continue to free travel. However, the characteristics of the fish has long been fishermen found, fishermen cleverly put it as a kind of precious animal capture tools in the sea. It is said that the island of Zanzibar and the Cuban fisherman caught the fish, put its tail through, and then the rope passes through, for insurance, and then wrapped around a few laps to fasten, tied to the ship, when they went to sea turtles, 2-3 throws the fish, not for a moment, several of the fish on the adsorption in the big turtle body, the fish can think happily around it, who knows, when the fishermen have been carefully tighten the rope, a big turtle together with the fish back to the cabin. According to media reports, September 1st, Shandong Qingdao moratorium period ends, fishermen in the Gulf of Jiaozhou captured two the fish, each weighing about 7 pounds, finally to 1000 yuan a price by fishing line acquisition.相关的主题文章: