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Home-and-Family If you feel like you’re stepping into a cubby hole every night when you step into your bedroom, you’re not alone. Many people have very small bedrooms. How can you make your bedroom look and feel a lot larger? There are many great strategies and techniques for doing so; you can learn some of the best ones below. Choose the Right Carpeting – The carpeting that you use in your bedroom can make it feel a lot smaller – or a lot larger. If you have the opportunity to replace the carpeting in your room, choose a solid, neutral colour. Otherwise, stick with horizontal stripes. Both kinds will make your bedroom seem a lot more spacious and will make it a more pleasant place to spend time. Use Storage Bins Under the Bed – By investing in a bed skirt and a supply of under-bed storage bins, you can make use of the space beneath your bed. Many people place their off-season clothing in such bins and store them down there. This is also a great place to keep odds and ends that you don’t have room for elsewhere in the house. You’re sure to find under-bed storage bins to be very wise investments. Set up Skirted Bedside Tables – There are many options when it .es to nightstands and bedside tables. Many options, however, don’t offer a whole lot when it .es to storage. Skirted bedside tables are great because you can keep various items beneath them and out of the way. Many people like to keep their books, magazines and other reading materials under their bedside tables. You can buy organizers that you can keep beneath those bedside tables for optimal results. Place Reading Lights on the Wall – Table lamps can take up a lot of valuable space. Why waste the top of your bedside table when you can install lamps right on the wall? This is an especially great idea for those who enjoy reading before they go to bed. If you’re an avid reader, then a wall lamp is definitely right for you. Invest in Multitasking Furniture – You need to be exceptionally careful when buying furniture for your bedroom, especially when it’s a very small space. Keep the dimensions of your room in mind when buying new furniture. Better yet, invest in furniture that ac.plishes more than one thing. Desk/table .binations are always good; when placed next to a bed, they do double duty. Murphy wall beds are even better ideas. By day, wall beds can be folded up and kept out of the way. By night, the can be unfolded and slept on. What could be better than that? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: