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"Haojiali", "west end" are frequent, look at the local bakery brand who? The White Dew dry, autumn frost is approaching, has entered the final quarter of 2016. For the baking industry, a mid autumn festival, national day, the overall sales of the year has been set, it is difficult to have a big change. In 2016, it was a tough year for many local bakery brands. The aftermath of the crash triggered haojiali industry has not yet subsided, the first half of 2016, 85 degrees CC and breadtalk two international brands have closed all stores in Zhengzhou, defeated Greentown incandescent competition; Mid Autumn Festival moon cake market, even to west, Kinmen cake house, old pigeon tricolor brands from Wuhan Qian Ji; a native of Zhengzhou, Kajinuo, xiangxue’er and other brands in this round of industry reshuffle just to stabilize the heel…… Data show that since 2008, the domestic baking food industry sales revenue growth of around 30%, an alarming rate. The Central Plains this one hundred million large population market, no doubt in the baking industry in the country a significant component of the light. In 2016, domestic baking industry has just experienced a major reshuffle of the process, the brand changes as a ups and downs wonderful game, mapping out not only the development of the industry, and the economic trends of the tides, struggle and greed in human nature is the bottom line business environment. Millennium for the local bakery industry, there are two time nodes in the development process of the entire industry is particularly important, one in 2011, one in 2000. 2000, millennium. At this time the baking industry is still in the embryonic state of chaos. With the deepening of reform and opening up, people’s economic conditions to further improve the standard of living, bakery market situation is excellent, all kinds of famous cake shop emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, learn to do the cake has become a very fashionable thing for young people, but when consumers do not yet have any brand awareness. If there is what the so-called brand, estimation of power system "was mentioned, many of the old people in Zhengzhou sansege", especially those living on the west side of the old people in Zhengzhou have a very deep impression. The 33 year old English is a native of Zhengzhou, he said, when I was young, cake and bread is still a luxury, not everyone can afford to eat, even for young children who live in the city, and occasionally eat a cake or bread is still a memorable and memories that is, parents reward synonymous sansege impression in his childhood. In October 16, 2000, the brand founder Liu Qunli Fujing garden after half a year of preparation, in the healthy way and the North Village intersection finally have their first cake shop, the store is not large, more than and 80 square meters of area, light decoration and the purchase of property, and spent about 200000 yuan. 200 thousand yuan absolute in 2000 is a huge sum of money, especially for the technical work just as master Liu Qunli. Relatives and friends almost borrowed, borrowed more than and 20, but also a difference of $30 thousand, and finally no way to go back to the original owner and master borrowed, barely opened the industry." And then there was a Zhengzhou.相关的主题文章: