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Han people rallied for 8 out of Park Geun hye core staff have resigned original title: people rally to park down with South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies "intervention" event of continuous fermentation, South Korea 29 people in central Seoul held nearly 10000 scale rallies, park Geun hye asked to step down and find out the truth. According to South Korean media reports, the organizers said about 20 thousand people attended the rally, the police estimated the actual size of about 9000 people. The rally people shouted slogans demanding the park to step down, and once tried to Chong Wa Dae the Presidential Palace Road, meeting people and police confrontation. Organizers said the organization will organize a larger scale in November 12th. Take the initiative to deal with the 8 core staff resignation of South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies "intervention" Chong Wa Dae incident triggered personnel big shake. On the afternoon of the park 30 chief secretary team conducted personnel adjustment, 5 of them accept the resignation of the chief secretary, and appointed two new chief secretary. South Korean media had speculated, park Geun hye next week may be the earlier restructuring team chief secretary. This time, she moves faster than the media. More than the Secretary of "class" Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo 30 held a regular press conference that day, Pu Jinhui accepted the resignation of 5 chief secretary, they are Secretary of director Li Yuanzhong, Secretary An Zhongfan, chief policy Chief Secretary Kim in the original, civil affairs chief secretary Yu Bingyu and Chief Secretary Kim Shengyu bulletin. Zheng Ranguo told reporters at the scene, said: "President Pu Jinhui has a profound understanding of the seriousness of the situation. Therefore, she decided to reorganize the chief secretary team in response to the requirements of the personnel adjustment." Park Geun hye’s chief secretary of the team a total of 11 members. Zheng Ranguo said, although the chief, the Chief Secretary of the presidential Secretary has the resignation, but considering the political operation, only park Geun hye accepted the above 5 resignation. According to Zheng Ranguo said, in addition to the 5 chief secretary, Pu Jinhui day also accepted the Chong Wa Dae General Secretary Li Zai, Secretary Zheng Hucheng and Chong Wa Dae million affiliated national publicity Secretary Ann Fenggen resignation. Zheng Ranguo said, in order to fill the vacancy after the resignation of the chief secretary, park has been designated the former Inchon District Prosecutor’s office director Cui Zaiqing served as chief secretary, the former speaker of Parliament Pei Shengli as the new Chief Secretary of the new bulletin, and as soon as possible to determine the successor to other positions. According to South Korean media said, the number of people and "cronies" incident is closely related. Among them, Yu Bingyu not only failed to stop Cui Shunshi "politics", he was involved in another corruption scandal. An Zhongfan was suspected of helping Mr Cui Shunshi put pressure on some South Korean companies to donate to the two foundations related to Mr Cui Shunshi. "The neutral cabinet" Park "cronies" incident after exposure, the ruling New National Party asked her to make substantial reform of the personnel team and the cabinet Chief Secretary of Chong Wa Dae. Park Geun hye 28, asked the Secretary to resign around. The new National Party spokesman Kim said on May 30, the new national party held on the same day the highest emergency committee meeting, decided to request the park into 2相关的主题文章: