Guy put 999 boxes of condoms to vindicate the goddess after being robbed passers-by viper12a

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  • November 15, 2017
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The guy put 999 boxes of condoms successfully after being robbed by the goddess that someone with real money for love, some people with romantic Rose Sea moved sweetheart will say next, but you must have never marry. Scene of the incident occurred on September 25th in Harbin central street, a guy prepared 999 boxes of condoms to vindicate the goddess actually succeeded, after the condom was robbed by passers-by for two minutes. The girls stood in 999 boxes of condoms made of every kind of love heart, man on one knee, holding a bouquet of roses "," man’s life is only 6000 times, I hope every time you "express declaration, the scene waved banners that friends help…… We know from the scene after the girl was there to bestie "cheat" to go shopping, to the flood control monument, was suddenly the boy yelled, singing, the boy walked slowly to the girl, pull the girl’s hands into the 999 boxes of condoms composed of love in the heart, the face of the girl full of surprise, shouting "you sick ah", and the boy began a soulful confession, in fact, from the moment you know, I love you, I don’t agree with you to sell Adult supplies, now I want to express my support to you in this way, in so many one witness, I want to say that a man’s life is only an average of 6000 times, I hope my every time belongs to you!" Words in the thunderous applause from the scene, onlookers over and over again, "he promised he promised" propaganda, women’s tears and took the man by the thong composed of "flowers", promised the man. Live figure excited man grabbed the microphone and said, we can get a free condom!" The men’s approval, the crowd quickly spread, 999 boxes of condoms in 30 seconds robbed empty. Passers by the scene also joined the ranks of the team, even the surrounding businesses can not help but to join the waiter. Some girls even took seven or eight boxes of condoms left, a cyclist uncle also joined, basket also put several boxes. After the man left the scene Porsche.相关的主题文章: