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Guoping: let the friendly cooperation with bridge more solid – Sohu news beautiful "equatorial country", an important country in Latin America, the President Xi Latin America for the first time since the station, since the establishment of diplomatic ties over president to visit China…… These days, Ecuador has become a major focus of attention. 17 local time, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Quito, began a state visit to Ecuador. The two heads of state held fruitful talks, agreed to promote bilateral relations, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and eritrea. The two sides issued a joint statement on the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, reached an important consensus in 11 areas. Mr Xi’s successful visit to Ecuador, has milepost sense to traditional friendly relations between the two countries development has laid a solid foundation for the new bridge to promote greater development of bilateral relations in the new situation, to build a strong, friendly cooperation. "Unwill, not far to the mountain." To promote bilateral relations to the good, is the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in the past 36 years, especially since the establishment of the strategic partnership in 2015, bilateral cooperation has been developing at a fast pace, involving a wide range of fields and increasing scale. China has become Ecuador’s third largest trading partner, bilateral trade volume reached $4 billion 100 million in 2015, more than doubled over the past 10 years. Ecuador banana, shrimp quality, has entered the Chinese people’s table. Cultural exchanges between the two countries, the two sides in the cultural, educational, health, sports, justice and other areas of cooperation and exchanges, more and more Chinese people want to go sightseeing in Ecuador. High technology cooperation is one of the highlights of the cooperation between the two countries in 2013, Ecuador’s Pegasus satellite rocket successfully launched by Chinese, China has sent 8 scientists involved in Ecuador Plo Michel J plans to introduce talents. It can be said that bilateral ties have strong political trust, deep integration of interests and broad space for cooperation, which is why the relations between the two countries is also a prerequisite for promotion, let more solid bridge of friendship and cooperation. OK, Mr Xi in Ecuador "the Telegraph" published an article entitled "building with friendly cooperation" bridge signed article, proposed "four partner" that we want to do good partners of mutual trust and common development; do good; do good partners do friendship for generations; South South cooperation partners. These four points of view, it is the scientific judgment of the general trend of Sino US relations, the two countries will grasp the wishes of the two peoples, a profound insight into the basis of cooperation and friendship between the two sides. "Political trust is in the comprehensive strategic partnership" is an important foundation for pragmatic cooperation in the comprehensive strategic partnership is an important part of the "" in Ecuador on many major international and regional issues have extensive common interests, strengthen mutual cooperation in multilateral areas is the embodiment of "two high level strategic mutual trust, the two countries combined according to the statement of the consensus of both wide and deep, highlighting the bilateral relations to enhance the importance and urgency of the comprehensive strategic partnership. "Brother concentric, its profit broken gold." Comprehensive strategic partnership is a new starting point for the development of bilateral relations, the two sides to deepen strategic mutual trust and friendly cooperation to Ecuador’s bridge more solid, Ecuador relations will move to a higher level. (Guo Ping)相关的主题文章: