Guo Degang Cao Yunjin tear each other, such as tear off the crowd of onlookers, such as

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  • November 18, 2017
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Guo Degang Cao Yunjin Gao Xiaosong Feng Zhe taking each tear around Guo Degang Cao Yunjin this weekend, Guo Degang [micro-blog] not idle, wrote the "Tianya copious and fluent in not responding to Cao Yunjin v. thin cool" [micro-blog] had long, at least in the word did not lose to the apprentice. Yesterday morning, when he put this article is issued, immediately attracted Gao Xiaosong [micro-blog] so eat melon people gathered before the Olympic network red Feng Zhe was writing this mentoring of praise, dubbed "Deyunshe writing class" is the elite class. Taking the master Jieduan Biao several rounds of netizens stand busy some time ago, in the face of Deyunshe genealogy, cleaning action, Cao Yunjin issued "is the time, also do one taking" six words long, through a variety of data and vivid detail to detail the enmity and master Guo Degang these years, also alluding to Guo Degang there are a lot of shameful past. This article, in an uproar, micro-blog forwarded more than 200 thousand, the apprentice in front of a first win. Many users are waiting for Guo Degang’s reply, because he was "Dazui Zhang" unbeaten. However, the old Guo is very tolerant, in addition to apprentice Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog], Luan cloud equality issued a document in support of, and there is not much movement. In the first two days of the conference, Guo Degang explained that this period of time is too busy, and so out of the air to reply, we must let the people eat the melon to see the fun. Yesterday morning, six words long "Horizon in non thin cool" issued, the amount forwarded from the long text count, do not lose the apprentice. In this article, Guo Degang did not see too much anger, but a face of the elderly called "small gold tone", the tone of Guo Qilin [micro-blog] are a bit jealous. But despite the politeness of the tone, tear or tear, old Guo first from the "Beijing Jin" started to write, did not forget to mention to Beijing before the small gold in Tianjin is selling pirated cds. The following text, the "old Guo Tuition" Apprentice fees "and" pay fee "and" performance fee "for a response, and no apprentice" big data "way detailed list of amount, but said a ballpark. Guo Degang did not forget to remind the little gold, not with the paparazzi mixed together, "said the day after if there is a short high Kicking Horse when verbal problem-solving water do mountain poor, no sound, no matter, I said" you ", and this has a tear decreed by fate". Disciple Yue Yunpeng chimed in, said: "I haven’t had to pay tuition fees." Zhang Hefan and Zhang Helun also came to help micro-blog apprentice. For Guo Degang long, Cao Yunjin did not let the masses eat melon to wait too long, more than three pm the same day he responded that "my conservation has run out in anger before! "In the text, and paste the mother has 10 years of" Tuition invoice ", the phrase" if you have a short high Kicking Horse no problem solving when water do mountain poor, regardless of others, I also gave you "anti old Guo, and Guo Degang is alluding to the invoice is not really. This comes, let onlookers users also difficult to distinguish the authenticity. In the reporter observed on when they say "Internet plus" in this field through comic mentoring called war, accidentally saw Beijing Taiwan cooperation in their old comic "friends" theory. At the beginning of the video, it says, "you have a very high artistic attainments相关的主题文章: