Guangxi drift family settled in the city more and more easily

Guangxi: "drifter" settled in the city more and more easy to contemporary life newspaper reporter Lu Di   core tip in recent years, Guangxi to increase efforts to promote the reform of the household registration system, the implementation of three clearly differentiated settled policy, reducing the threshold of the city home. Nanning household registration reform, it is a microcosm of the reform of household registration in Guangxi. In the past few years in Nanning, there are a lot of "Nanning drifters" enjoy the household registration system reform in Nanning has become the new public welfare, Nanning, live a happy life. The Eleventh Party Congress held in the autonomous region on the eve, the reporter approached the group of new Nanning, listen to their happy stories. Story 1 he hired the way to become a new Nanning people in May this year, in Nanning, a company to work for Mr. Wei Nanning account immigration procedures. By the end of 2015, with the full implementation of the reform of the household registration system in Nanning City, there are many like Mr. Wei to work in business, enterprise recruitment for the conditions of the home "Yong drifters, Nanning has become the" new citizen". 2008, from the field of Mr. Wei was hired as a manager of a company in Nanning. 2010, Mr. Wei is also the same as the wife of the field account, because the couple did not save enough money to buy a house, can only have been renting. Both husband and wife are very fond of the city of Nanning, eager to become Nanning. In 2011, Mr. Wei was hired as a mid-level management staff. In the same year, Mr. Wei’s daughter was born. Since the account is not in Nanning, Mr. Wei couple feel sometimes very inconvenient, hoping to move to Nanning as soon as possible accounts. Seeing her daughter ready to go to school, in the hands of some savings have begun to buy a couple of commercial housing, in order to move into the account of Nanning. However, for a long time, the couple has not found a suitable commercial housing. Just then there was a good news! That is the end of 2015, Nanning household registration reform, relax settled conditions in Nanning city clear from the system, 7 kinds of qualified foreigners can apply to move into account Nanning, clear to relax the purchase of commodity housing, employment and other conditions of the home enterprise. Mr. Wei asked him to meet the conditions of the enterprise to hire this family, has signed a labor contract with the employer for several years and has been involved in social insurance for 2 consecutive years, he can first account moved to Nanning. Thus, in May this year, Mr. Wei successfully in the police station for the account to move into the formalities. "I finally no longer" Yong drifters’, good happiness!" Wei told reporters that at present, Nanning settled conditions relaxed, like they can not afford to buy commercial housing can also be settled in Nanning, but also enjoy the same benefits as locals. With the Nanning account, after the child is also more convenient to go to school! Story 2 he bought commercial housing settled into a new Nanning people talk about the story of the new people to become their own Nanning, the account has been transferred to the city of Nanning, mr.. 1993, belongs to the Lingshan County Rural accounts of a person to work in Nanning. Lu first in the seafood market to sell seafood. After working for a few years have a certain savings and experience, mr..相关的主题文章: