Guangxi 11 people tried to deceive the fund on the blacklist shall not be extracted within three yea

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  • March 9, 2017
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Guangxi 11 people tried to deceive the fund on the blacklist shall not be extracted within three years

Nanning evening news (reporter Ling Jianyi correspondent Lu Zhao) New Year approaching, many people want to come out from the provident fund last year, leading to the provident fund center recently provident fund business volume increased. The molecules are ready to cash, some people because of bad faith under bitter wine. Yesterday, a reporter from the Nanning housing provident fund management center district center (hereinafter referred to as the District Center) was informed that, for nearly a month, some employees provident fund deposit and loan purchase vouchers through forged forged materials, fictional marriage status, trying to cheat mention fund results within 3 years, runs the risk of the loan fund to extract and eligible to be suspended. At present, there are 11 workers due to mention the deposit fund and credit fraud.

it is understood that due to policy easing, part of the deposit for provident fund, or other channels through their own malicious false materials by the provident fund, which to false intermediary extraction, forged purchase contracts, forged from the personal information, rent extraction plots.

related cases

to "intermediary" lied to mention fund

Ms. Wei is an employee of Career Academy, by the "relatives" cheat, identity cards and bank cards to relatives for a set of false materials, taking the 10 thousand yuan provident fund. Unexpectedly, "relatives" money "disappear", own money boondoggle.

– reminder: by means of the method of illegal intermediary to defraud the housing provident fund, this behavior once found, the amount of provident fund paid workers not only to receive a full refund, before handing illegal intermediary companies intermediary fees will be for naught.

fictitious marriage or infringe upon the rights of others

Gu is a commercial bank staff, provident fund extraction policies and processes are more familiar with. She forged a marriage material, in the name of the spouse to withdraw funds from the purchase. Unexpectedly, the staff in the provident fund center carefully examine the bag.


– Gumou fictitious marriage by the provident fund, provident fund center is not only facing punishment, there may be her fictional "husband" to pursue civil tort liability.

forged material or constitute a crime

purchase contract, deed tax payment vouchers and bank loans…… These do not seem to have any problem, information, a little verification, it was found to be fake.

Haomou in

does not meet the conditions to apply for housing provident fund, false purchase contract, deed tax payment vouchers and other materials to false documents and data for the extraction of housing provident fund 36 thousand and 800 yuan to the district center. A unit of employees Gongmou also forged a lot of material to apply for provident fund, provident fund cheat mention 156 thousand yuan. Staff further verification found clues, immediately buckle >