Ground zero champion designers return to join the Spanish designer – Sohu

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  • April 15, 2018
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Ground Zero champion designers return to the Spanish designer to join – Sohu   Ground Zero Sohu entertainment; entertainment news produced by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) has returned to the Oriental TV in September 3rd. The new upgrade of "my new clothes" is no longer used a goddess collocation of a designer, but from the worldwide selection of 30 top designers. In the first two programs, from South Korea, Li Zhiyan, Yohan Kim and other international friends have emerged, and their unique design concept has also been recognized by the audience and buyers. In the third phase of the program, "program" new old friend Ground Zero, Wang Yutao will opt to return; in addition, from the Spanish designer Maria Escott?, domestic famous independent designer Yang Zi will also join portrait, with such top designers to join the goddess "new clothes" will be set off a fashion storm! Maria Maria Escote, a partner of this week’s goddess, Maria, a Spanish designer, has a design experience of up to 11 weeks in fashion week in. As the coolest young designer in spain. She was bright color, unique taste, in the use of black, stiletto and level is more reach the peak of perfection. Katy Pery, Miley Cyrus, Chariene Choi, Elanne Kwong, Euler, Rita fire, Angela Baby, Han and other stars have to wear Maria proud of the fashion design. Yang Zi designer founder of the ANNAKIKI brand. She was born in the tailor family, 8 years old when he began to learn to choose the fabric to make love dress, a get out of hand and interested in fashion design. Founded in 2012, the personal designer brand "ANNAKIKI" and set up their own independent studio, her distinctive style of design by many artists around the world in a timely circle of concern. Wu Xin’s partner in addition to flammable flammable designer brand founder and designer, is also an independent music and brand management division, years of brand operation experience to ensure the quality of the brand is excellent. Flexible cross-border multi domain brand identity is a launch by many stars and the trend of icon and highly recommended. Ground Zero "the goddess’s new clothes" champion in the first quarter Ground zero designer. Eri from Hongkong and Philip Chu brothers founded the anti brand too observant of conventional standards. in 2008, the brothers to focus more on the design pattern design, pop art coupled with a sense of humor? Street grid??. Ground zero is now more like a show of 90 personality street fashion clothing label. They are designed for girls who live in the city chasing fashion, these girls are rebellious but not women. Wang Yutao, Zhang Xu, Wang Yutao is in the "new clothes" show the old friends, and this is his return to battle a little big, straight.相关的主题文章: