Green hair will sign 165 major projects the second half of next year to hold the world’s firs windjview

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  • November 18, 2017
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The "green development" signed 165 major projects   the second half of next year held the first World Conference of Ganshang – Jiangxi Channel – Project 25 on the morning of the fourth session of the world green development investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "green development") green development theme forum held in Lake Yingbin Hotel, the conference were signed on the spot. This year, the province will be held with green hair as a guide, co-ordinate arrangements for the 17 major thematic investment activities, as of the end of November this year, the province has signed 2129 investment projects (including the fourth green hair to be contracted projects), signing a total 1 trillion and 59 billion 750 million yuan, of which 1928 funded projects, signing a total of 965 billion 719 million yuan, foreign investment projects 201, signed a total of $15 billion 672 million. Among them, the successful signing of the current session of the signing of major projects 165, a total of 242 billion 800 million yuan contract. The exhibition hall covers a wide range of exhibits, bio medicine, LED photoelectric, green tourism, green agriculture, green building, green finance, air pollution control and detection, resource recycling, aviation manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, networking, and unmanned factory robots, high-end CNC, electronic information, lithium batteries, solar photovoltaic, new energy vehicles VR, AR, intelligent equipment and other related industries. Jiangxi business 26, the reporter learned from the development of the world trade and Investment Fair in Jiangxi, the world’s annual conference on the development of Jiangxi Province, the existing national level of nearly all the Jiangxi chamber of Commerce, merchants in the outside of the about 3000000. The majority of Jiangxi’s rich not forget his hometown and return home, in 2015, the province’s new signing of Ganshang return investment projects 527, accounting for the same period of the newly signed project number 25.4%, contracted investment of 210 billion 900 million yuan; 1~10 months of this year, the province’s new statistics into Jiangxi business investment return for entrepreneurial projects 387, accounting for 18.11%; the introduction of 69 billion 998 million yuan of Jiangxi business investment funds. This year, Jiangxi’s president, Jiangxi Federation kerei Group Chairman Zheng Yuewen to "good economic Jiangxi poverty alleviation poverty alleviation" charity special fund donated the first donations 100 million yuan. Jiangxi Business Federation is mobilizing and organizing the masses of Ganshang donated 50 million yuan to support the construction of 100 village health service room. In the second half of next year, the province will be held in Nanchang, the world’s first Jiangxi business conference, will be invited to the business elite around the world, the global convergence of business intelligence, promote the development of Jiangxi Province, boost the rise of Jiangxi. (Southern Metropolis Daily) (commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: