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  • April 16, 2018
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Granny "magic knife" money for someone with the same tactic was to cheat – Beijing, northeast news network September 30th said that "the sky will not fall, but there are still people take chances to cheat trap jump. September 24th, who lives in Dongfeng Village two district of Ms. Qin, is "magic knife" cheated out of his pocket only 100 yuan. Money is not much, but Ms. Qin felt very angry: "knowing that they have cheated or Maoerni, why?" free tool to move the heart meeting on the same day, the reporter found the old lady qin. "When I went downstairs to buy food, I saw a crowd of people gathered around the building. I asked next to the people, what is in it. They told me that is free of a kitchen knife, I went out." Ms. Qin said. Into the crowd, Ms. Qin saw two men set up a stall, parked next to a car. The tool, a small stall with a pile of boxes stall said, as a set of two boxes, priced at 198 yuan and 368 yuan. Ms. Qin look at the packaging is also quite good, the price is not expensive, it moved the heart. How to get a free tool? Originally, want to get a free tool to test whether there is courage, the owner who has enough sense of justice, feel sincerity of the tool to the who. "They said, out of a stall early in the morning, or for free, so they don’t have money to eat and drink. To see if we have enough people who, to give them some money for lunch." Ms. Qin said. At this time, a woman took out 200 dollars from the bag to stall. The owner took too few, a woman’s bag, turned out 200 yuan. The woman did not say anything, but the bag back. At that time, Ms. Qin was also surprised: the woman how honestly let people turn her bag? After think, think women should be sent to the nursery stall. After the table sincerity buy tool cheated woman full performance of the their own, get a set of tools successfully. At this time, stall said, he is not to everyone’s money, just a test, then put the money back to the woman 400 yuan. A look at the word, you have to pass the stall. The money after the hair cutter, and then put the money back to you. So many times, so that has been in the vicinity of Ms. Qin moved heart. In the stall again "test" everyone, Ms. Qin of the bag only 100 yuan of money to each other. After receiving a free tool, Ms. Qin did not get back their 100 yuan. "I and several people to give money, they say thanks to our good intentions, they really have money in his pocket. Started to shut down, then drove away." Ms. Qin said. After returning home, Ms. Qin took out to the cutting tool, the results look foolish eye, good quality, face also fade. After I feel cheated, Ms. Qin heart is not the taste. For someone with money is once again in September 25th, Ms. Qin again found a free tool stalls in the neighborhood. Approached discovery pool相关的主题文章: