Godfather 2 we are stronger than American steel-mia farrow

"The godfather": 2 U. S. steel is stronger than we "the godfather 2" stills Haimen: Michael, · Ross is stronger than the United States US steel. Hyman Roth: Michael, we’re than U.S. Francis · Ford · Coppola "Godfather 2", the 1974 line of control of the 326th phase, this line from the godfather of the 2 "," the Steel. Michael family was assassinated, in order to investigate the truth, Michael left home. In Cuba, Michael and the Jewish Mafia leader · Ross, Haimen; investment in cuba. It was in 1958, on the eve of the victory of the Cuban revolution, Michael keen to find that the rebels are desperate, Batista’s dictatorship may fail. He is reluctant to invest in Cuba, so that Ross persuaded him to Haimen ·. "Steel" (U.S.) is the monopoly of the giant, the courage to dare beyond it, precisely because of the support of the Cuban government. But then in the fall of the government of Cuba, Haimen · Ross’s dream of ashes to ashes. "The godfather" 2 stills in the film, · Ross (Haimen Jews; Li · strassburger diggs) is the biggest villain, is the biggest bright spot. On the one hand he pulled Michael, working with him, one hand and assassinate him, at the same time, he also laid plot, the general Michael pan Li Tanju incite defection. Generally, Haimen · the archetype of Ross is the Jewish Mafia Meyer lanski (Meyer Lansky) ·. The words about the American Iron and steel "lines, Meyer · lanski also really said in reality. "The godfather" 2.相关的主题文章: