Go to Nara, into a deer elf surrounded by dreams

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  • March 18, 2017
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? Will tour attractions TOP3:


Nara park?

Nara is the hometown of deer, Nara Park, the road everywhere cute deer. Nara park is located in Nara City, wakakusa foothills of the urban park, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga and Nara places of historic interest and scenic beauty here, is Nara’s will to swim in. Which is the best way to walk leisurely and carefree tour of the park, there are the most concentrated deer, the deer is also the largest viewing point visitors feeding Meng meng.



2. if the grass hill?

if the Grass Mountain is located near Todaiji Temple and Kasuga, about 350 meters high, can climb when spring and autumn tourists. Climb the hillside can see the scenery of Nara. If the most famous grass hill is known as the "grass burning mountain" activities, held in January each year in order to set off fireworks and burning mountains of traditional activities.


3. spring day club

is located in Nara Park flying wild side, the earliest spring agency is dedicated to the God of the land, then it seems ushered in the four gods, spring agency also became the State Sacrificial place.


the whole society was rebuilt in 1863, but still maintained the original appearance of the era of peace.

on the way to the spring club, on both sides of the stone lamp is very distinctive. The ancient stone lamp, all of a sudden people feel the vicissitudes of the times, do not have a flavor. Details of the control can also be found, there is still a stone on the shadow of the deer.

about deer:

Kansai will do, is about to go to Nara Park fawn! But don’t look cute, in fact, the character is very hot ~

Nara deer was a free spirit, gluttony, some gentle, some savage.


deer birth peak in mid May to mid June, so in June to see the deer, just out of antlers. Just shortly after the birth of the deer, not only stay adorable full, and their character than adult deer more docile, to see the elves deer it is also summer the benefits of.


if they don’t have a deer cookie, they don’t care! Look to eat will have to get to the top of your manners, all bow to deer for food, not polite deer will bite your stomach ~