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Mobile-Cell-Phone What .es to your mind if you hear the word RED? Colors mainly consists of light made up of various wavelengths which in turn our brain interprets and .bines into one .plete merged image, at least that’s what Google says. But for human physiology, it is associated with warmth, energy and blood. Red is many things for us and may even symbolize a lot of emotions that may stimulate the human blood. Resembling lovely taste, a wine is colored red, thus the term "Red Wine"; in the fairy story Snow White, the red apple symbolized an enchanted apple; Love also is resembled by the color red on valentines day but so does the red scarlet letter which stands for treachery, sin and guilt. The Ruby is precious, The Redshirts are fighters and the Lady in Red is erotically likeable and sexy. Overall, the color red bears for assorted emotions of passion and hatred. I have always envied red-haired girls. A Couple of irresistible women in Hollywood are red-headed as well like Isla Fisher, Allyson Hannigan, Debra Messing and Julianne Moore. I have always cherished to be similar to them but I cant afford to color my hair red. It just does not .pliment my skin color that is fundamentally why I’d rather select to implement the color red on my things than on myself. My search for red things online has conveyed me to one particular which caught my attention, the newest red mobile phone manufactured by Vodafone. When I caught a glimpse of this handset it immediately shown a sense of flair and sophistication with all the newest characteristics you can find in a mobile phone included. The VF533 Vodafone has 4G SD memory that permits you to keep files such as songs, photographs and numerous others. This memory expansion capableness will definitely let you to store more tracks for you to hear with the incorporated MP3 player and likewise keep more pics after catching fantastic moments with the integrated photographic camera. Moreover, this mobile phone packs a more than mediocre 1.3MP photographic camera which is more than enough for catching images. When travelling, this phone is also a perfect .panion with all the amazing games in store to surely relieve your boredom away. With all the latest features integrated in this mobile phone, it still sustains its relatively low-cost price. The remarkable cheap price had me tongue-tied and awe-stricken. I have invariably been a believer that more often than not, great things .e in small packages but I ddin’t thought that wonderful things also .e in affordable packages. The Vodafone VF533 Red, without a doubt, a mobile phone worth obtaining. Who ever thought that being sexy in red can be this affordable? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: