Gentleman problem! Sister should look at her underwear

Gentleman problem! Woman wearing underwear should see her now where many harem light to have such routine works: at the beginning, the protagonist transferred to a certain place, then readily open the door can see the heroine in the change. If the official awesome words, often can appreciate the heroine as the whole underwear. And if we are in reality also encountered such a picture, then we will see what part of the sister? Recently, the Japanese media conducted a survey. The chest chest – ". Because you can know the amount of milk at a glance, so stay." (36 years old) "around the chest. After all, it’s a symbol of women." (34 year old school) many men will look at the chest. After all, this is not a part of men, but also a symbol of women’s characteristics. On the other hand, there are a few men can not see it? Waist waist – ". It’s the sexiest thing here." (33 year old company affairs department) waist. If too much fat, it is very disappointing." (29 years) if the whole curve is taken into account, the waist is very important. That kind of slim curve can not look at a man, I am afraid that many women will be crazy, right? "Hip – hip. I really care about the place." (37 years of metal technology). Because usually can not see." (Department of transportation, 26 years old) although the chest is very good-looking, but the hips but usually can not see the parts. Since there is a chance to see the spring, then you need to be observed. Foot – foot. I am very concerned about the proportion of female lower body. Some people praise the upper body, but the lower body is particularly fat." (32 year old school full time) feet, thighs. I like the feeling of being slim but strong." (38 year old guard other) there are a lot of men put their eyes on the foot. And whether it is a good-looking woman, if the foot is not perfect, it will be very sorry. In the face of face. After all, looks the most important." (24 years transport technology)." (37 year old full time) face is also very important. This is to judge whether a woman is lovely standard, so it is the embodiment of personality. "Armpit" armpit. I want to make sure she has a good clean-up." (34 year old mechanical Affairs Department) some people will pay attention to the armpit, if left armpit hair, is very embarrassing. In addition, there are answers to abdominal fat is easy to accumulate parts. Or the place where you can’t wear your clothes." Such an opinion of the people. In short, although we see the first place is different, but eventually will look at the whole body. If the face of the male god, then you need to maximize the performance of their own oh. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: