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  • April 16, 2018
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G20   should strengthen coordination; seek to promote global economic growth — the overall international – people.com.cn G20 through 7 years of efforts, the global economy to strong, sustainable growth path on the road, with the foundation and direction. How do you see the effectiveness of this effort? Since G20 is a mechanism for meeting the economies of the regional economic centers in the world, it is necessary to start from economic geography. Economic growth stems from people’s desire for a better life, the pursuit of more consumer choice, and even the economic activities of the target for generations to come. To this end, efforts are being made to increase productivity in order to increase the income of individuals. Obviously, the process of economic growth is always accompanied by changes in the economic structure. The new product is invented, it will be the old products out of the market. The improvement of productivity promotes the application of resource saving technology. The global value chain is always changing, only the comparative advantage, as always, determines the success or failure of market competition. A country’s economic growth can be promoted by its policies, which are always the first to take part in local economic activities. The basic factors of economic growth include education, fair tax mechanism, market friendly government, open market and so on. Global competition has also contributed to the growth of different regions. German economists figure can put forward the "concentric circle model" in 1826, the principle is: "the geographical distribution of economic activity as to the central area as the center of several concentric circles, the central area is the focus of economic activity and the formation of scale economy, but also the corresponding increase in the cost of congestion." The cost of congestion is the increase in the cost of economic activity, for example, the cost of opening a supermarket on Wangfujing street in Beijing is much higher than in the same supermarket in the county. The farther away from the center, the less economic activity, the lower the income. The famous European industrial center — Germany, North Rhine Westphalia Ruhr is the "concentric circle model" is often cited "income vertebral" historical examples: once in the entire continent, the highest per capita incomes in Ruhr. If Ruhr is seen as a concentric circle in the center of Ruhr, outside the place, no matter in which direction, its per capita income is lower than Ruhr, and far away from Ruhr, the per capita income is low. As time goes on, the world or regional center is changing. There are many factors of economic growth, one of the most important factor is human capital, which is no less important than the actual capital including infrastructure. Human capital gives individuals the ability to acquire skills and experience, to create new products and new methods of production. On a global scale, two kinds of capital are scarce, and the degree of scarcity varies by country and region. The central area is the human capital and the actual capital gathering place, than the edge area of high abundance; the marginal efficiency of capital marginal zone, to attract human capital and real capital, but this is only a theoretical argument, in fact, usually the upstream flow of capital, for example, capital flows from the United States and not low income countries but on the contrary. The study of the United States (the middle) and the developing countries (the marginal zone) can be the case of the above phenomenon相关的主题文章: