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  • November 16, 2017
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The student electronic signing the full implementation of the Australian Department of immigration issued guidelines Chinese overseas network on 7 November, according to Australian news report, with all the Australian student visa program must apply through the network, to help overseas students must answer questions, the federal immigration department recently issued guidelines to ensure that the student visa electron all applications on the right track. List of documents to assist applicants self-examination according to Australian forum reports, since July this year, all applications for Australian student visa prospective students can use the Department of immigration official website files on the list, you need to check the visa application file type. A spokesman for the DIBP said that if the applicant does not complete his health examination after submitting the visa application, their application will be delayed. Visa applicants need to submit their passport information, the spokesman added. Due to the visa category has been simplified to two (500 types of student visa and student visa category 590), visa applicants also need to know what type of visa they want to apply in the end. In addition, the Department of immigration also reminded applicants should prepare a 2000 word personal statement in English, stating that they want to study in australia. The content can include why the university can provide the best courses. The spokesman pointed out that before submission, the applicant should ensure that all problems are complete, they include all relevant documents in the file list, incomplete applications may lead to delay or refusal of a visa. Australia and the United States to apply for different Immigration Department also said that once the network application program starts, the applicant can store their information at any time, and no need to complete all the information to fill out. However, the applicant is in Australia or outside the application, there are some different visa requirements. For example, applicants who apply for a student visa outside Australia need to provide a registration confirmation notice number in their application. However, if the applicant is an exchange student from Australia, or a student who is funded by a foreign or national defense agency, they will not be required to provide a registration confirmation number. If it is a student visa application submitted in Australia, the applicant may include details of the registration confirmation notice in the application, or attached to the school admission notice. The Immigration Department has warned that if the applicant has provided details of the registration confirmation notice in the application, it will not be able to provide the same. The applicant should first understand the health insurance information Immigration Department also recommends that all student visa applicants should ensure that the application before the start of the program, to ensure that their health insurance details. The applicant must fill in the beginning and end date of the medical insurance, the Immigration Department spokesman said. The applicant’s health insurance policy must be at least one week before the date of their arrival in australia. If the applicant’s health insurance policy start date and the date of the course of the same day, we will ask the applicant to increase the additional insurance date, the starting date for their arrival in australia." The spokesman added: "if overseas stay"相关的主题文章: