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  • November 16, 2017
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"Passing from your world" acting Yue Yunpeng won the praise of   the audience cry: contact lenses – Zhejiang channel: original title: "passing from your world" acting Yue Yunpeng won praise audience: cry out contact lenses by Zhang Jiajia, original screenwriter, director Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe starred in special Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan, cuckoo, starring IP, the strongest and strongest cast together to create the annual blockbuster "emotional passing from your world is coming". Release seventh, the film at the box office at the end of the day, the cumulative box office exceeded 500 million, continue to lead the National Day file. The film side recently released Yue Yunpeng’s series, Yue Yunpeng to convert from comic actor to actor, played PigHead let the audience laugh with tears, memories. As director Zhang Yibai said, "Yue Yue completed an actor’s leap". The movie seven, breaking the 500 million leap of acting Yue Yunpeng praised the "best supporting actor" movie "passing from your world" was released seventh days cumulative box office 512 million, box office accounting, row piece accounted for at the forefront of the National Archives film, and get 8.8 of the score in the cat’s movie, Amoy ticket 8.8 score. The ticket and micro score of 8.7, many viewers said "film bursting point tears, romantic aesthetic contains practical significance" in the movie saw love the most beautiful appearance, reputation bumper box office. In the film, Yue Yunpeng plays PigHead is a love’s lovestruck man, in his own words "he thought the whole world is the greatest love, the swallow is the most beautiful in the world", even "brother Mao eighteen" Yang Yang also said that he can put his all to swallow". The film incarnation of Yue Yunpeng warm male, in the movie is affinity overflowing, he often visit and chat with students, singing, sharing out of delicacy, a star aura, and common people like PigHead, mingle with strangers, as Liu Yan says, "(he) are very good on the silk road will fly. Take care of the people around the mood, very warm". This is the most attractive characteristics of PigHead, causes viewers as Yue Yunpeng. The character of warm and lovely, but he shot from the movie but never vague, original, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia has praised Yue Yunpeng in an interview with "strength was the best supporting actor, director Zhang Yibai described him as" probably in front, you will see that he is so fun, so simple, but then a few scenes, you will forget he is a comedian, small Yue Yue completed a leap of actor". Yue Yunpeng gets injured finger has healed PigHead child cry "lose the audience laughs lenses as Yue Yunpeng with" persistent cute "to describe the role of PigHead, he himself is such. Yue Yunpeng said is a fight scene in the filming process, the deepest impression, because never had contact with this type of story, he can’t protect yourself during the shoot, causing the body multiple bruises, finger sprain to heal, just to give the audience the most perfect natural scenes, the real heart the plot. After the release of the film, "PigHead car chase" plot pocketed the audience tears, beginning in disguise "never mind", all in a moment swallow Hackney left collapse. The play Yue Yunpeng continuous.相关的主题文章: