French intelligence Lille 10 round only 2 games scored more than 2 goals innawoods

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  • November 18, 2017
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French intelligence: Lille 10 round only 2 games scored more than 2 goals on Friday 022           French   Lille VS Paris Saint Germain       2016-10-29 02:45         weather: sunny 15° Venue: Lille Municipal Stadium Lille: Lille state has recently recent rebound momentum, they have won 2 straight successes in their home court, especially in defense changed relatively large, but encountered in the French strength better than others in Paris Saint Germain, Lille or be especially careful. The last round they beat Bastia in the home court to the 2-1 score, the team is the second time this season, scoring 2 goals in a single game, this season has been carried out in the 10 round, that is to say before the 8 games, the team only scored 1 goals or not scoring, the team was recently in the attack end and the defensive end has the progress, the main reason is really not a coach to find the most suitable for the team lineup, but in the same lineup finally run out of understanding and status. Another point is that Lille is now only a Ligue team without injuries, entered the race after the intensive period, this is actually Lille’s advantage, they are expected to get more points at this stage. Paris: Paris Saint Germain status at present in the table third, the gap between them and the top ‘is widening to 6 points, regardless of the season points rate, or up to now the team has lost 2 games results show that Paris Saint Germain alone big French may be subverted. The last round of Paris is the home court draw in Marseille, Liverpool’s second team this season for the first time a single draw was scoreless. Must admit Cavani after Ibrahimovic left although the number of goals is not low, but is not an unstable, another point is the midfield attack group now than before, efficiency. Despite the Champions League tie him down, but the Paris domestic league at least plausible not too bad. For the French team any Paris Saint Germain is rolling in on the strength of the field can play out what is the key. Record: the last 10 games against Paris Saint Germain, made 7 wins 3 flat achievements completely rolling opponents, 3 times last season, two teams played against Paris Saint Germain 2 wins 1 flat. SMG recommended: this field still draw the necessary personal opinion, next week in Paris away and the war in Europe to 100% tasks, the input to the weekend of the league, scoring a total of about 2,3. (Da Yu)相关的主题文章: