Freeze Qiao Renliang image of warm sunshine to the last moment candy boy

Qiao Renliang fixed the image of the sun warm transfer to the last moment Sina entertainment news on September 22nd, young singer, actor Qiao Renliang [micro-blog] the memorial service will be held in Shanghai. 21 evening 8:00, he participated in the last variety show, Hello! Goddess video broadcast on schedule. "If everything back has not yet happened, this is what he will see himself, that is, he wants people to remember it," wrote Qiao Renliang show titles, sunshine, kindness and dedication forever preserved in this program. This program is the theme of "vitality girl" in supervision, to help Qiao Renliang, the 10 goddesses needed to complete the morning run relay, bungee jumping and so on a series of test items, the courage vigor. Qiao Renliang full of sunshine smile, full of vitality. Close to encourage every brave goddess to challenge themselves; lively and interactive fans, kiss to the children; the warm water sent to the sanitation workers…… Full of positive energy content of the program has caused countless tears collapse: he is so good in the program, do not want to believe that has left." The big boy who loves to laugh in the sun "passes the vitality" is the audience’s impression of Qiao Renliang. In the program, he is a big boy who loves to laugh and cry. The morning with his guitar, delicacy and other props in deep sleep wake goddess, signs of the sunshine smile always on his face. He is lively joking with Chen Haipei: "the goddess and sometimes funny force should be refined and cultured, madness." In the mind of the goddess of love, the standard is: love sports, lifestyle, diet and health. In the test of the goddess movement force and courage of the bungee jumping project, he watched every goddess and send the most intimate encouragement. The first challenge of Li Linyu and Wansui because of fear for a long time not to jump, Qiao Renliang encouraged them to bravely step this way: "I want to stay with them, constantly encourage them, I hope they can overcome their own every personal demons." And on the phone worried about Li Linyu’s mother: "we must guard, take good care of her." Acrophobic Li Yuanyi rattled the bungee platform trembling and Qiao Renliang kindly encouragement: "not afraid of a yuan". When Li Yuan a tense emotional collapse into tears, conflict staff touched, Qiao Renliang stepped forward to help keep her distressed comfort: "you can not jump a yuan, we go back, this is just a game." Qiao Renliang’s sunshine, intimate infected with a lot of viewers, users in the program after the broadcast message: he spared no effort to illuminate the sun with others, but they silently carried all the pressure." In front of the screen, he always smiled and passed the energy and happiness to everyone. As he said in the program, "the energy can be passed on to each other. I hope to fill the vitality of the goddesses and spread the energy." Warm and sincere good man "care to each other more warmth in the program to record the scene, Qiao Renliang’s warm, sincere, easy-going infected everyone. You can see in the lens, he will enthusiastically and everyone say hello, help the staff to remind the umbrella, pay attention to the foot of slippery; he will not refuse any photo fans, passers-by, with)相关的主题文章: