Four things men can’t say in love imjpmig

Men love the most can not say four things concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Whether love or life, women are not expected to understand, as long as men not to touch women’s death, most women are not a sheep into a tiger, following small for everyone to talk about the relationships between men and women, female friends may wish to look at to fix. The girl is not so difficult, absolute obedience to the woman love and thoughtful man, but also to see the considerate. You in the life of a woman how considerate woman will accept, but if you’re in front of her issue orders left and right, you can do the world person, you’re going to probably like the end of the world, because not all women are expecting the husband "wife canal". Treat women, men should have the gentle, overbearing are tough, in which both soft and hard to obey, one that is not a good thing. If you insist on doing soft bone man, then you can be rest days not far away. Two, shot in a shabby affair, a woman is "only allowed, not allowed to do anything, it is on economic issues in women can haggle, but can not see the slightest over man. Therefore, if you do not have enough wisdom and absolute coping ability, then with his girlfriend when shopping, the hand must sell my wallet, the blood must be willing to pay. The trick is to set up the money to his wife, never at the critical moment a shabby phase, let your girlfriend. Because can sinseong hoe small things, big things to lose face. Three, bluffing makes man not bluffing, because when you give a woman hope, but what can not do or do let the woman disappointed in a complete mess, then, to get the understanding, you will find that do not do more damage than. So, if the man is not simply a diamond, do not embrace porcelain live, honesty in the end, give each other a great truth: "dear, I will not see you," perhaps women in honest enough copies, not only to forgive you, you still think this person is a real person, so as to maintain good the impression of you. Four, dig a little silly figure can be said that men would do such a thing. Don’t think a woman is your girlfriend, you can say anything. Remember not to take a person’s weight when the topic, if there is no words, you are nonsense and articles to chat with his girlfriend chat Korean drama, do not say that her weight, otherwise, you will die very ugly. Because a woman is very care about weight, whether it is fat or thin, weight are her most sensitive topic, if a man ventured, involved in the minefield, women always have reason for men everywhere. More power is even man to a woman is the evaluation and his girlfriend had nothing, she will feel that the man is alluding to her, but secretly sad sulking, this will only allow you to belittle the value of her heart, do not know how to respect a woman to a man, not a good man. (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina female)相关的主题文章: