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  • November 18, 2017
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Foreign monks to Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures translated by hundreds of volume ranked the four largest company in China. The master essence (source: sketch picture) Buddhist classics multitude only in the Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures, for example more than 1 thousand, more than 5 thousand volumes (income later Tripitaka volume number by the theory more), the Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures is the brainchild of countless ancient monks. In the translation of Buddhist scriptures monks, some from India, some from the western regions, or they translate independently, or together with the Chinese monks, leaving many legendary touching stories in the history of Buddhism China. There is a West monk of India, nearly fifty years to come to China, although the turbulent times displaced, but he still diligently, the translation of hundreds of scriptures, is regarded as one of the four classics, with the famous monk Kumarajiva and Xuan Zang, he is in the translation of Confucian classics master essence. Phoenix — Buddhism (499 – 569, Vatican, India West Baltic Mutuo) ujjeni Brahmin, formerly in the Radha (Chinese words in Pro). Little Bo visit the teacher, learning home and abroad, especially in Mahayana said. He is a bosom to further pan Hainan tour ended in funan. Emperor Datong, sent straight after (Guan Ming) Zhang Si sent messengers to Funan, and the search for a German Mahayana theory, "miscellaneous" by china. That country is the essence to please, Matisse agreed, with the theory of reveal two hundred and forty clips, in August of the first year at Datong County in the South China Sea (now southern Guangdong), when he was fifty years down. Then north, stopping along the way to clear two years (548) August to Jianye, Wudi deep salute to Zhu Baoyun hall. We will be engaged in the translation, which occurred Hou rebellion, not fruit like, but the East line. Remember four years he went to Fuchun (today’s Zhejiang Province, Fuyang county magistrate Lu Yuanzhe Ying), lived in private homes, as called Salmonella baoqiong more than 20 people, arrangement of translation, please his translation. Is the year of October, the beginning of seventeen "translation theory", "China", because of the disorderly stop soon. Dabao: three years (552), he should come back to Jianye Hou Jing, who lives in Taicheng, Near East Dun Hou defeat, he moves to the throne, Gaiyuan Santa, Jianye local order gradually restored, he moved to positive view of the temple and is willing to master more than 20 people, "Suvarnaprabhasa" translation. Then, from Santa for three years to Dishao Jing Tai three years (554 – 557), he lives in history Yuzhang (today’s Jiangxi Province, Nanchang) Tian Bao temple, new Wu (now Jiangxi County of Fengxin province) beauty industry temple, Shixing (now Guangdong Qujiang county) LITE-ON temple, also visited the Nankang (now Jiangxi the southwest of Ganxian province). Free Yongding two years (558), he lived to Yu Zhang, Qi temple, but also to Jinan (this Fujian County of Jinjiang province) live foli temple. During this period, he or over, life is extremely unstable, but still did not stop with the square of the translation workshop. Although sixty years old, still with a beam method, method, quasi religious monk companion method could re approved by the turn by the theory. More than two years, in the days of emperor Jiaqing two years (561), a small ship from Jinan to Liang Anjun (today’s Guangdong Province, Huiyang area), help to build the temple festival "" speaking translation solutions etc.. Three years (562) September, translated everything over, then the Sea west, also intends to the country, but the wind changes, December returned to Guangzhou. Governor Ouyang Wei asked him to Bodhisattva teacher, for purpose of Si Ying lived..相关的主题文章: