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For the athletes to pay more attention to the value behind the pride Medal – Sohu news at local time the evening of September 17th, the Paralympic Games, China player has won 105 gold medals, 81 silver medals and 51 bronze medals, outstanding performance exciting. China Paralympic sports delegation, Chinese CDPF chairman Zhang Haidi said in an interview with reporters, the disabled athletes tenacious struggle, pay sweat, gather up all the great love of society, proud of the people of the whole country for our disabled athletes. Zhang Haidi said, Chinese sports delegation made such outstanding achievements in the Paralympic Game, cannot do without a solid guarantee for economic and social development of sports undertakings for disabled persons and persons with disabilities, cannot do without the attention from all walks of life to the cause of the disabled, disabled athletes also cannot do without hard training and scientific training. The Paralympic Games, the Chinese players continue to expand the winning side, the number of serious injuries athletes also increased significantly. This is the result of the promotion of sports for the disabled at the grassroots level, but also the result of the development of the handicapped sports work, which we attach great importance to. Zhang Haidi said that after 11 months of training and competition process, every coaches, staff dedication, selfless dedication, the delegation also silently countless sports for the disabled workers. Coupled with the concept of scientific training, improve sports facilities and conditions, such as support, won the good results are not surprising." Zhang Haidi said that the participation of sports in the future life of the disabled is very helpful. The development of disabled sports in China, will be disabled in priority Fufang kang. She stressed that athletes have medals at a time, physical training and rehabilitation is a lifetime thing. Sports rehabilitation helps to promote the participation of disabled people in social life and make their lives better. Zhang Haidi told reporters that they had athletes experience, I have participated in 1994 held in Beijing in the Far East and South Pacific Games, at the time of the project is the woman pistol." The hard training made her have a deeper understanding of the difficulty and tenacity of the disabled athletes. "I am proud of the athletes, I value the broader social value behind the medals." Zhang Haidi said: "to get a medal for just a few people, should try to let more people with disabilities through the Paralympic Games see hope in life, to help more people with disabilities to carry out mass sports, expect more disabled siblings through physical rehabilitation can sit up, stand up, okay!" Zhang Haidi praised the work of the Brazil organizing committee, she said." The Paralympic Games organization strict implementation of strict rules, the organizing committee has overcome many difficulties, create a good game and living conditions for the athletes to participate in the Paralympic Games, we deeply feel the beautiful city full of vitality, friendly people." During the Paralympic Games, Zhang Haidi also attended the International Paralympic Committee held the inclusive global summit on Chinese disabled sports development in recent years and the 2022 Beijing winter Paralympic Games preparation for a wonderful statement. Zhang Haidi said that China is implementing the winter Paralympic project revitalization plan, vigorously strengthen the winter.相关的主题文章: