Focus on the gold Expo cloud purse practice Inclusive Finance marie digby

Focus on the gold Expo cloud purse the practice of inclusive financial enjoy the future financial and experience new meteorological Chinese finance, the platform appeared together at the Beijing Exhibition Center held the 2016 Beijing International Finance Expo and Beijing international finance expo. The gold Expo exhibitors and more than one hundred and thirty visitors to the platform, to experience China financial results in a continuous line, the latest development of interest. As early as the 2006 Asian microfinance forum, when he was deputy director of the people’s Bank of China Research Bureau on the use of Jiao Jinpu Inclusive Finance concept. Mutual gold platform and banking institutions, in the increasingly fierce competition, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness, are trying to make a difference in inclusive finance. A cloud based on a wealth of information service, product innovation, fit user needs and practice of inclusive finance. The current fair, the major institutions of the platform to allow Pratt & Whitney financial plug in the wings of science and technology, to demonstrate their latest results, inclusive finance further intelligent, intelligent development. According to the central bank credit bureau credit data show that as of October 2015, in the 850 million natural persons covered by it, only about 370 million of personal credit records, less than half of the total. That is to say, in the framework of the traditional credit system, at least 500 million of the consumer groups, can not enjoy the financial services to meet their needs. The extension of the financial system and financial services do not expand, so that different levels, different needs of the crowd to get the appropriate financial services, inclusive finance is difficult to achieve. The development of Internet banking is to fill the lack of financial function Chinese, will push the development direction of financial China more diverse, intelligent, convenient, functional, so that financial inclusion can really to specific people, to provide financial services to meet the needs of their. In this year continued strong net loan industry overall volume, more and more users into the P2P platform, this also shows that the net loan industry with the supervision of the implementation of the policy, the image of the industry has been improved, the user trust gradually pick up, the industry will enter the steady and rapid development period. For a long time, steady progress in compliance on the road of cloud purse, the future will soon realize the bank direct deposit, further enhance user security platform, improve the user experience, to expand the depth and breadth of platform for the purpose of inclusive finance practice oriented, strengthen the Internet financial service capacity, better service to customers.相关的主题文章: