First, we must recognize the problem of air pollution control

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  • March 9, 2017
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, according to media reports, recently Shanxi Linfen frequent high concentration of sulfur dioxide pollution incident, the Ministry of environmental protection and the Shanxi provincial government jointly sent a group of experts found that there are five reasons for the high sulfur dioxide in Linfen, including the city of Linfen 86 130 tons of steam coal-fired boiler basically no desulfurization measures, east central heating desulfurization device useless etc.. Prior to the Linfen Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced that the city’s sulfur dioxide from 70% residents scattered coal combustion.

Where is the source of

pollution, it is very important to control pollution. For this core issue, the parties of different views and even questioned, exposing a small problem. Sulfur dioxide concentration frequently broken thousands of people are not satisfied, for the local government, it is certainly not a small pressure. So at the beginning, the local environmental protection departments will be scattered as the main cause of pollution of coal combustion, the relevant person in charge to explain the scope of the monitoring, trying to provide convincing evidence. However, the authority of the expert group survey concluded, "Linfen city of sulfur dioxide health protection forecast, lack of publicity, specifically for the early warning measures of sulfur dioxide no plans, not to exceed the standard problem for people to deal with sulfur dioxide propaganda and specialized forecast reminder". It seems that the problem is not, but to allow local government departments to take the initiative to recognize the problem and find the crux of the problem, it is not an easy thing.

admit that the problem requires courage, but also need to play. The main reason of the pollution will push for residents scattered coal burning ", enterprise pollution can advance secretly by an unknown path. Among these, the local government must also have difficulties, why? For the local, the enterprise is a large taxpayer, the enterprise can not be produced, the tax will be affected. Therefore, in the face of the problem, although the pain in the heart, but it is also difficult to board the high lift, gently fall. In the core problem of pollution sources on the "look the other way", exposed some of the local government in pollution control decision is not determined, not seriously. Obviously, if we don’t grasp the core of the problem, the problem will not be solved.

air pollution is on solid work, sometimes need to take money to do. If you do not see the results, so much but is also the "huaquanxiutui". As for the local government, what is important to people’s livelihood, or blind development important? Is it important to be happy or sustainable? This is an examination, inspection of local government for the administration of color. Despite the inevitable departmentalism, but the local government should realize that the expense of the environment development again, it also have the order reversed. Only to really establish the concept of innovation, coordination, development of green, open and shared, to a new round of economic structure upgrading and identify the focal point, find new fulcrum of economic and social development, so as to better respond to social concerns, increase people’s livelihood and welfare.

‘s new survey also shows that it is not feasible to rely solely on local governments to control air pollution. So, there must be scientific detection, in the superior departments under the guidance and supervision of accountability measures. In a timely, accurate, authoritative tone;