Female doctor Princess biography two round ending Redubujian child heart sad ending (video) dingxiangwuyuetian

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  • November 18, 2017
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"Female doctor Princess biography" two round ending Redubujian child heart ending reluctant female medical Princess _50 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "female biography" Princess medicine Tencent entertainment news from the Chinese film and television production, new media Lai, Chinese Film Co produced, Lee served as director of the National directed by Zheng Weiwen, Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan, Li Chengyuan, Jin Chen, Yuan Wenkang, and He Qing co starred in the legendary drama Costume "female biography" Princess medicine last night in the Guangdong satellite TV, officially ending. The show since its launch, the ratings Redubujian, with a unique female medical subject and the plot twists and turns, since the launch of the highly touted audience. "Princess Liu Shishi from the female medical biography" and eventually Wallace Huo Huang Xuan brother Tan Yunxian in tears and sense of life ups and downs, chose to leave the palace closed, onward Xuanhujishi, for her, is perhaps the best choice. The history of Tan Yunxian, as a "female doctor miscellaneous words", became the Ming Dynasty medical progress of the promoters. The pursuit of an independent woman, never care about how much you get, really want to do is love your heart that will love to the extreme, "a life worthy of admiration.". They look forward to in the "female biography" medicine Princess finale, increasingly frail body of Zhu Qiyu, the official state will be entrusted to the Pope, and wrong to brother sincere repentance. At that moment, the heart of the romantic intimacy, Huang Xuan and Wallace Huo cried, tears are condensed on the eyelashes, the two brothers formally reconciled. Zhu Qiyu’s weak truth, Zhu Qizhen sincerely forgive, at that moment all the people were with Wallace Huo show moved to Huang xuan. Liu Shishi played by Tan Yunxian, from beginning to end, accompanied by the generation of side, try to choose the best treatment until the last moment. Jin Chen plays Wang Meilin, finally repentance, but it was too late, because of love, she let my life is full of intrigue and, because of love, she forced himself on the road of no return. Each actor with full of tension and solid acting, the role of shaping the image of plump, true to life. Tan Yunxian into the palace of Wallace Huo to give up fighting a clean self love Liu Shishi throne as a known as inspirational drama ancient version of "Du Lala promotion", Liu Shishi plays the female Lord Tan Yunxian is a pioneer in women’s self-reliance. In the Ming Dynasty Confucianism as harsh, but with weak woman, for the world women’s medical treatment with dreams, obsession and love of traditional medicine, to overcome the difficulties, eventually create a female medical system, for the world women’s benefit. In addition to the studious, self-reliance, Tan Yunxian also has the compassion, an hand in a velvet glove, critics think Tan Yunxian distributed in the powerful medical spirit of faith for academic wisdom, and study the hearts and livelihood are reflected in the Oriental female tough beauty of wisdom. It is such a beautiful girl that was both the wisdom of "female biography" in recent years to occupy the medicine Princess gongdou play like a screen stream, touched the audience.相关的主题文章: