Fast online shopping orders this week to express out of business

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  • March 9, 2017
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Fast online shopping orders this week to express out of business

Spring Festival is coming, the supermarket department store to promote special purchases for the Spring Festival.

recently wrapped in particular, are catching up with ‘double eleven’." January 17th, is responsible for the distribution of Changsha Sifang District express a sigh of emotion, usually about 19 points can work, recently often have to work overtime to one o’clock in the morning. The Spring Festival approaching, online shopping plus special purchases for the Spring Festival entered the peak, express holiday the day is getting closer, the courier industry is experiencing a year ago "the last crazy".

In addition,

, many large supermarkets, department stores also seize consumers spending more willing to spend the Spring Festival consumer psychology, focusing on the introduction of promotional activities, to catch the last wave of sales peak.

online shopping sales are good, but the price is not the cheapest

The main force of

nuts, cookies, candy in online shopping has become the focus of special purchases for the Spring Festival sales in the near future. 17, 2009, the three squirrels, new farmers, such as the flagship store are in the big new year promotions. Where a 2 month open pine packaging sales volume has reached 909 thousand pen, 2 bags of Pecan monthly sales of up to 1 million 286 thousand pen.

express volume too much, the seller shipped timeliness, logistics and distribution are beginning to be affected. A netizen said that she was photographed 11 to the seller of candy to the seller on the day of 14, as of the end of 17, has not yet received the goods, the time has passed nearly a week, 16.


express increased gradually and express little brother, resulting in distribution is affected by aging. Huamei official flagship store customer service, about 14 days to take orders for the delivery date is 16 days, the reason is many courier companies have received less staff leave, can only wait for the SF pick-up." At the same time, a live Sifangping consumer said, this can be free for 24 hours the courier easy delivery box free storage time is now shortened to 12 hours, "should be express too much, want to let consumers take it earlier".

, however, the reporter also found that although many brands hit the Spring Festival special signs, but in fact the price has risen slightly. For example, the new agricultural brother 98 grams of Brazil pine from each package price of 29.9 yuan rose 5 yuan to 34.9 yuan, while Roca 822 grams almond sugar rose from 118 yuan to 148 yuan.

a lot of clothing brand gimmicks before promotion and non price is actually not much difference between activities. A ROEM brand women’s wool coat in about 13 days for the price of 890 yuan, you can use the full 750 yuan minus 100 yuan coupon, and on the 17 day of the goods "very big" Juhuasuan promotion activities, the price is still 890 yuan.

store full 100 yuan donated $50 and other promotional play

just with the online mall in the "double eleven" and "shuangshier" through a "battle" of the entity retailers before the sale of home court is maozuliaojin.