Fan Xinman think bad luck film is very helpless in a dispute (video) pretty rhythm

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  • November 15, 2017
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Fan Xinman confessed that bad luck in the interests of the dispute are helpless film Tencent entertainment news (Wen Xiaoxi) last night (30) Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man denied the door rail after the event continues fermentation, this morning, fan Xin man made a circle of friends to clarify once candid photos just "the relationship between the dislocation", she also thanked after the incident always support their friends and said, "most people are pure love entertainment creation, but his bad luck, quite optimistic attitude, but the film was involved in the interests of the dispute, not work she also said that" very helpless". Fan Xinman wrote: finally dragged into the quagmire. Last night I asked my first phone to the media, "the photo scandal", guide Xiao residence, eat my colleagues cooking in everyone, candid dialogue, and library photos, one by one check, just a bit misplaced. Thank you very much for friends! I can only choose nine photos, they have to know my old friends, the company’s colleagues, have left the company’s new, have long been linked to the CCTV colleagues…… I don’t understand the entertainment before, now I do not believe that entertainment dirty, because a bad person, where are the bad pot of soup, if the government is working. The majority of people in the entertainment industry is simple, love to create, this is a very small number, I was on the pitch, can only say that the luck is too bad, and the overall state of nothing. Reporters are the same, just work, the real thing is the vortex center, the integrity of the media, and any kind of good people in the same field. What I’m really worried about is the interference of normal work. We made a good film, but was trapped in the interests of the dispute inside. Very helpless! Then, fan is still in the circle of friends posted nine friends behind their own pictures, a friend called Zhang Jizhong: "the basic human nature is gone." Reverse? Fan Xin Hui denied derailment: Zhang Jizhong is a small three divorce相关的主题文章: