Fan Daiming talk about health care reform to prevent the press the calabash gourd

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  • March 3, 2017
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Fan Daiming talk about health care reform: to prevent the press played a gourd dipper – health Sohu

January 10, 2017, sponsored by Chinese anticancer association, Beijing Cancer Institute, Tianjin Cancer Institute, Hebei anticancer association and the Medical University Of Tianjin Cancer Hospital hosted the 2017 World Cancer Day ceremony held at the Cancer Hospital of Medical University Of Tianjin.

Chinese Academy of Engineering Fan Daiming at the launching ceremony at the scene to answer the question of the health sector, the recent issue of the national version of the two vote system documents, talking about some of the views of health care reform. The following is the content of the statement:

for health care reform, we have a clear sense of Leadership: not speak less, up and down; file less, large and small; the pilot did little, tiny spots. But the parties are always dissatisfied, why not satisfied? Because health care reform is a systematic project, the reform of a single factor, part of the reform, the reform of a short time, and sometimes the reform of the system will not necessarily help, but it will be harmful. By "Press played a gourd dipper.".

health care reform is not only for doctors or hospitals, but an overall systematic social engineering. For example, now the implementation of the zero price difference, even if all the people in China do not have to spend money to take medicine, medical reform can solve the problem? I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

Chinese letter Institute organized 23 academicians, more than 100 ministries cadres, 1000 experts, which lasted 2.5 years, divided into 8 groups of 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, even to the village clinic research, also sent 9 experts to visit 9 countries. Back to the formation of a report.

there are five such reforms in the report:


: legislation. One billion and three hundred million of the population will have medical needs, the founding of nearly 70 years, has not yet developed health law. No law is "lawless" work is not enough. Completely rely on the red head documents and leadership speech, there is no sustainability.

second: the establishment of the Department of population health. Health involves numerous side aspects, there are many ministries in the tube, tube good content is not good tube, regardless of the contents of the tube. Or the Department to manage the contents of the implementation of the other departments to offset the. Therefore, it is necessary to set up the Department of population health. The Ministry of health of the population is much larger than the National Health Planning Commission, when the Minister of state leaders, co-ordinate the management of all aspects. This is not only high efficiency, but also can spend a lot of money.

third: increase economic input. Money is not everything, but without money, you can’t do it. The United States each year in terms of health care investment accounted for 17% of its GDP, while China is only $5%. China’s investment in health care is raised to 11% of GDP.

fourth: the third party supervision. To monitor the party and government cadres like the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, the third party supervision departments to supervise the work of the Department of population health, what to do