Fake people occupation social disputes on some new network companies in blackmail-demonophobia

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  • April 16, 2018
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Fake people occupation social disputes on some enterprise – Beijing extortion fake should not become illegal occupation when strict extortion days before, with the "Regulations for the implementation of consumer protection law (Draft)" to the public for comments, some special consumers caused concern again. These consumers to purchase violations or involving violations of the interests of consumers of goods, and through complaints or litigation claims to businesses as a career. This group is also known as the "fake people occupation". Occupation fake people of this group has been controversial. Some people will be compared to the market occupation of fake people "catfish", the objective to improve the consumption environment. "We need to objectively and the role and function of occupation fake people, they and the industry and commerce administrative law enforcement departments can play a synergistic governance role, helps to promote social fairness and justice." Liu Junhai, director of the Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China, vice president of the China consumers association. Some people think that occupation fake people occupied a lot of administrative resources. "Occupation occupation even fake people have wasted a lot of administrative and judicial resources, industry and commerce departments but have no time to deal with the real consumer disputes." Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Law Association, China University of Political Science and Law long communication law research center deputy director Zhu Wei said. Some people even through the "occupation crackdown on" enterprise pay fees, expert advisory fees "occupation fake people on advertising is concerned, is helpful to purify the advertising market. But some people have complained of counterfeiting as a means for personal gain, is not desirable." State Administration for Industry and commerce, said Zhang Guohua, director of advertising. Compararive International Business Group Limited company vice president Li Shan introduced, the company had encountered an occupation two boxes of fake people online shopping tens of dollars to food, on the grounds of non-compliance marked a content label, claims 100 thousand yuan. Li Shan thinks that there is no quality problem, to its requirements, and ultimately the business market supervision departments only require the company Leyou standardized tags, no need to pay a fine. "Although the occupation fake people eventually did not account for what is cheap, but this thing for a long time, wasting a lot of manpower and resources company." Some people even become a "fake occupation occupation blackmail", by "planted" require the enterprises to pay fees, consultant fees of experts. According to insiders, some so-called occupation fake people, not only to buy fake, even to buy a fake, such as bread, fresh food in the supermarket to hide in the depths of the clothes rack, wait until the goods expired again quietly out; the commodity packaging production date with chemicals to erase…… "These occupation extortion disturb the market competition order, we must resolutely resist occupation, fake people groups also need self-discipline." Zhu Wei said. Occupation fake people shouldn’t get punitive damages? Consumer protection regulations for the implementation of the law before the date to the public for comments "(Draft)" explicitly mentioned, "these Regulations shall not apply to acts of natural persons, financial consumers outside the legal persons and other organizations for the purpose of profit and the purchase and use of goods or services." Some people think that this means that the occupation of fake people will no longer be subject to the "law" to protect, the group poured cold water. However, 2014)相关的主题文章: