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Travel-and-Leisure The .mune of Morzine in eastern France is one of the countrys most picturesque destinations. The traditional market town is located in the heart of Portes du Soleil and is renowned for both its winter and summer sports. On top of this, there is also a variety of different festivals that take place throughout the year that are certainly worth checking out. The events typically occur in the summer and early fall and are easily accessible from any chalet. Morzine is truly a culturally diverse town that is rich in history and has something to offer everyone in terms of attractions and events. A Brief History The resort was originally a working farming .munity that was rich in heritage rather than purely a ski town. Its deep-rooted traditions, artisans and history allow it to distinguish itself from other ski resorts. Its history stretches back a long way to its origins in farming and slate mining. In 1734, the start of .mercial exploitation of slate in the region changed the village forever. The grey gold enabled Morzine to take its first step towards development and it provided local families with a necessary supplement to their in.es. In 1920, the village once again changed the course of its history when it opened the Grand Hotel. Some say that it only became a tourist destination as a result of the influence of the diplomats who were based in Geneva during that time who fell in love with the village. Since then, tourism has increased tremendously and has made the village one of the most popular ski resorts in the world. Events through the year Every summer, the Mont Blanc Rally .es throught the town and this year the Harley Davidson Rally Harley Days is shaping up to be a winner. In terms of music Status Quo has graced the stage in a free concert and for 2013 there is talk of Deep Purple making an appearance. Here are just some of the many up.ing events the resort will play host to at various times throughout the year. Monumental Re-Use Art Festival: In mid-July, the resort will host its second annual Re-Use Art Festival. For four days, artistic creation and expression will flourish when artists and sculptors from all around the world will meet to create beautiful works of art from recycled materials such as metal and slate. The World of Morzna: In late July, fairies and elves will take up residence in the area. The event will take place near the centre of town and will be easily accessible from any nearby chalet. Morzine is very proud of this event and it is one of the years most exciting festivals for children. Throughout the course of the three-day event, "fairies" put on different shows, "elves" engage the children in different activities, and arts and crafts workshops take place so imaginations can run wild. Well-Being Mountain Style: Dont f.et to include your yoga mat when packing for your chalet! Morzine now offers introductory workshops to yoga, qu-gong, tai-chi, sophrology and mandals. This special event will take place in early August and being a part of it is the perfect way to unwind and re-charge your batteries. The g.eous mountain background will be conducive to total and utter relaxation. These are just three of the wonderful festivals that take place in the local region. To find out more simply contact any local tourist agency in the area. They will inform you of the events going on during your stay and where they will take place in relation to your chalet. Morzine is without a doubt a dynamic and culturally enriched village and an ideal place for a holiday for the entire family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: