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  • November 15, 2017
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Everything is not defeat Fan Bingbing, this was the "throne" to the Hua Fei goddess public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Holiday returns, in the face of piles of work, or brush a micro-blog first! A brush with the brush, it was a funny picture attracted attention, Hua Fei goddess Jiang Xin’s face was P in a half naked muscular body, while Xiao Bian thought who will be given a red, this figure is actually his hair Hua Fei goddess. Look at the text of Jiang Xin micro-blog, Fan Bingbing left the extra baggage sector?! Small series can not help but shocked. Please look at the micro-blog Fan Bingbing, originally Fan Bingbing really thin! Since Fan Bingbing micro-blog through Fan Ye debut photos, found that since the lock, Fan Ye will slowly become fat. After 2012, Fan Ye is often photographed arm fat, waist photos. Although Fan Ye Yan high value, but the figure is really important ah. Fan Xiaopang Fan Xiaoshou and Fan Xiaopang van yiyanbuge, becomes Xiaoshou, is simply beautiful and strive for further improvement! Although the stars were thin, but the extra baggage sector also has been manned! 1. Jiang Xin Jiang Xin, the first thing to say is our Hua Fei goddess, Jiang Xin. Hua Fei goddess to dominate the extra baggage sector is a natural capital, Jiang Xin skeleton is relatively large, so the people are looking at other than a large number of female stars. 2. Gong Li Gong Li is the second Gong Li ~ Gong Li proud breast is enough to attract people, if coupled with the skinny body but there will be a sense of violation and plump body complement each other. 3. Quiet and quiet third nature is quiet. Peace is the typical character Zhishuang plump figure, but still sexy, sexy photo fan / K-drama rhythm. However not all stars are in plump when Mei Mei Da, so many stars have chosen to use a variety of ways slimming! They are thinner, compared to the fat, beauty a lot! 1. Joyce Cheng Joyce Cheng, compared to say slimming beauty, first must be Joyce Cheng ~ looked at the two picture, can you believe this is a person? Joyce Cheng is a little fairy! 2. Christy Chung Christy Chung, compared Christy Chung gave birth to the child after the body can not be used to describe the fat, but she soon lost down. Look at these two photos, plump you are not motivated! 3. Myolie Wu Myolie Wu Pang Shou Myolie Wu once compared to filming mad when she was overweight, round, even by the male friends of the cold. However, filming ended, she immediately lost back. Although the fat Myolie Wu is very cute, but still slim down Myolie Wu more beautiful ~ see so many stars thin beauty photos, plump woman have tempted? Moreover, Hua Fei goddess but to dominate the extra baggage sector, fat woman to lose weight, or you will be given a red Da ~ in the stick autumn fat season, diet is very sad, but more sad.相关的主题文章: