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"Dream two" three StarCraft 2 game team secret 2016 soul entertainment carnival season is about to open the series "dream three StarCraft 2" two provincial finals group Heilongjiang division with Henan provincial championship is a division of the war, and the 50 thousand Grand Prix championship. The champion of division of Heilongjiang Province in the future team can win the crown? Today we will uncover the mysterious veil of the clan! MEng (micro-blog): it’s an honor to interview the future team captain dream you first introduced to your team. Ruo Meng: Hi, I am the future team captain Ruo Meng, we are a newly formed shortly before the team, but in the formal establishment of the team before the fact that we are already familiar with, and often play black together. Happy, this can go to participate in the "star season finals two provincial tournament", with the dream of the three 2 inside the brightest people to compete, thanks to the soul has given us such a chance. Dream: Thank you for your support to us all the time, and your team members, they also introduce it. Ruo Meng: Well, first of all, C bit melody, only 17 years old, the upcoming star oh! He has been playing for three years, according to my understanding of what he can play, but we are not playing well C, he played, ha ha. The other is inferior to single mistake, a handsome male, age 20, playing the dream three has six years. If the location of the Sino French Creek, said his first handsome, ah! Play the dream of three also has four years, the Guandu area is very great skill! The last wild area position Haoyue, the group of two elderly men (because the team of our oldest) haha! At the age of 23, he was very much in the team’s sacrifice, to let the economy, friends of the Bulgarian team, a hand durance let you see the hope of life, one absolute in the team! Dream: are three hardcore fans dream ah, have played for many years. That in order to the finals, we usually together made a lot of effort, right? Stranger: Yes, we usually play together, is in practice, although the time lost is often noisy, but for a common goal, we understand each other each step back, so along the way, we are running a lot in the two province tournament played several rounds of qualifying game, it won the Heilongjiang provincial championship contest, promotion to the star season here, as captain I, also very grateful to me since we usually support and work hard. Dream: for the two finals in the opponent team, what do you want to say to them? Stranger: Rival demon month, Mars 5 (Note: dream three StarCraft 2 two cup champion team member division of Henan province) is better known to god. Compared with the pressure, but as a rookie in the season, the highly anticipated star game, nor what burden, after all, the pressure will have power, striving to become the dark horse, a famous battle! Dream:. Have you ever thought of two provinces in addition to the competition, but also to continue to participate in the dream of the Three Kingdoms, the other 2 events, most want to participate in? Stranger: basically no cup, are in the winter season, as the iron dream three game player, must actively participate in, ha ha! Most would like to be able to participate in the next line of this event, everyone in a, there is atmosphere, of course, MP6相关的主题文章: