Don’t talk to the baby crying at or confused. – mother of Sohu mkdv-02

Don’t talk to the baby crying at or confused. – Sohu maternal don’t the baby crying or confused. Dad at Xin known as exchange for a while, you can read the thoughts of others, but for dolphin crying, not blind, is confused "Sir, you mean?" Hey, critical moment, have small ah. "If the Dolphin will speak, I also can’t get?" Xin father’s face is a big bold not convinced, like the South professionals, with professional attitude that he convinced, also let more understand Baba Mama baby crying, no longer with dad as if to Xin "hard cotton". Because, the baby’s crying = communication, but also do not want to speak to express their needs, not crying can count on? When the baby crying, don’t be anxious to get angry, don’t fret, listen to cry, what are, after all, as a treasure, demand so much, can cry one tone in the end? What you want is not the same, the cry was changed, the little dolphin cry series, there are these: Energy: good irritability, don’t coax don’t not eat, is to toss toss to toss, the spirit of good, do not bother him, crying over, excess energy consumed the dolphin is nothing. Hungry: Hey, like dolphin meal, small fathers will be on time to cry? Voice did not fall, dolphin was crying, but immediately stopped, see no movement, and began to cry again. Let go a small solid observation sample, and had a finger used to want to eat, wait ah, just in time. Sleepy: cry very impatient ah, hysterical, hand rubbing his eyes, ah, put down the paper, first to coax your head office? Pee: Nan can smell smelly, dolphin you don’t cry, but the cry is relatively light, foot pedaling, urine is not estimated poopoo, changing diapers, immediately stop crying. To hug: Dolphin sleep boring, we need to hug, let the father go to xin. "Are you sure he’s not hungry?" The Xin father face overwhelmed by an unexpected favour don’t believe, "is to hold, you hear the cry, so small, no tears, hands out of his hand, go to." Sure enough, the dolphin Xin dad just hold up, small fathers did not cry. It is too cold or too hot, cold dolphin dutifully crying, crying is not large, it is a little effort but also warm? It is hot, crying very upset, but also want to tear clothes. Angry: cry that a fierce, with the fate of Qu Xin say, dad is not with him? Pain: Wow to cry loudly, crying more sharp, there are a few screams…… The original is a small head accidentally hit (sometimes also need to carefully distinguish the body uncomfortable, ill:) crying like a kitten and feeble, also a cry for so long, that will give the dolphin roughly check, are generally sick signals. Of course, these are theoretical, baby don’t cry so refreshing, like a dolphin, if hungry nobody ignores him, crying will.相关的主题文章: