Developing clean energy building clean Xinjiang energy noiseware

The development of clean energy     the construction of the "clean Xinjiang" — energy — in the energy industry rapid development at the same time, how to solve the contradiction between economic development and the fragile ecological environment, energy companies in Xinjiang become an important topic. This reporter interviewed Shenhua Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Guohui. Zhang Guohui served as director of the Research Institute of Shenhua Group, director of the Institute of development strategy, China’s energy security issues in-depth study and reflection. He said that Shenhua Group as one of the first to enter the central enterprises, has been integrated into the development of Xinjiang. According to the development of clean energy strategy, Shenhua Group will rely on its technical advantages, optimize the energy structure of Xinjiang, Xinjiang help in "The Belt and Road" strategy to improve the national energy security. Shouldering the mission to build a new pattern of energy supply reporter: Xinjiang as a national energy resources base and the state of the energy channel has been strengthened, based on what factors? Zhang Guohui: Xinjiang as China’s largest energy reserve and the East West communication, Central Asia energy rich region of the hub, has undertaken the construction of a comprehensive national energy base, realize the important mission of the intention of China’s energy security strategy, build a new pattern of energy supply in the position has become increasingly prominent in china. The first is the leading national strategy. The State Council on further promoting the "opinions" of Xinjiang economic and social development in Xinjiang in the development of a clear positioning, which is the base of Xinjiang, China’s important energy strategy is an important portal, an important fulcrum of economic growth in western region of China’s opening to the west, but also in the northwest frontier of China’s strategic barrier. In addition, the geographical advantage to consider the results. Xinjiang has a special geographical location and borders with 8 neighboring countries. It has a land border of 5600 km and a total of 17 ports open to the outside world. "Xinjiang economic circle" in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other 13 economies is located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, most countries rich in natural resources, the national economy is lagging behind. Among them, the five Central Asian countries, such as oil, natural gas, nonferrous metals and other energy and mineral resources reserves are abundant, but the population is relatively small, labor shortages, lack of resources development capacity, low efficiency. Xinjiang on the East and west of the geographical position and the opening to the West Frontier regional advantages, give full play to the advantages of complementary differences between the economies of Xinjiang, to carry out a wide range of neighboring countries will ease the conventional energy trade, strategic reserves of resources in China under pressure. Economically developed provinces in the mainland is the energy needs, while Xinjiang is China’s energy export province, the complementary nature of economic development, dependence is gradually increasing. Reporter: Xinjiang, three bases and a channel to promote the rapid development of Xinjiang to further enhance the status of the country as a comprehensive energy base to promote the role? Zhang Guohui: "12th Five-Year" period, the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party committee to fully implement the construction of "three bases and one channel" strategic plan, actively promote the construction of a comprehensive national energy base, energy industry to achieve leapfrog development, has become the country’s most important comprehensive energy base and the most competitive energy)相关的主题文章: