Debut Beijing TV Festival, the last visa to write a brilliant human – Sohu Entertainment candle june

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  • November 18, 2017
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At the Beijing TV Festival "last a visa" human – Sohu "write brilliant entertainment finally a visa" poster Sohu to commemorate the China entertainment news people’s Anti Japanese War and the victory of the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary, the Jiangsu provincial radio and television (Group), happy blue ocean film culture group Limited by Share Ltd, Jia Yi (Beijing) International Changzhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Czech Yue the film star film CO produced film drama "the last war" a visa. The play with respect for history, restore the historical principle, through artistic creation, reproduction of the real truth in the difficult years of World War II, brave and Chinese save the Jewish refugees, against Nazi Germany’s story, show the brilliance of humanity of the Chinese nation It’s perfection itself. With the passage of time, many associated with the anti war Fasixi past Vita has gradually attracted worldwide attention. Many in the past, the most eye-catching is during the Second World War, the Chinese nation in the resistance against Japanese fascist aggression at the same time, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of power, in a foreign country and the Jewish nation owed. August 25th, the last visa with two starring Wang Lei, grand debut of the Beijing TV Festival, the two starred in the scene to share the story behind the scenes of the play, the details of the friendly cooperation between the actors ZOJE. The gold medal team joined forces as the conscience of patient grinding "last a visa" choice about peace love and anti war theme theme, focusing on fresh twists and turns of the story and plot, gentle touching, deep analysis of the connotation of war and humanity. Through the reduction of history, the Chinese nation to commemorate the memory of the martyrs, and a long friendship of Jewish nation. The drama screenwriter high full house said: "the war so many people died, shed so much blood, has become a kind of entertainment content, the spirit of victory is to put the memory of future generations properly. I am very angry. This is my first time to write the theme of World War II, I think we must do a similar theme of the film, in order to audio-visual." As the Premier Class writer, gaomantang who penned "Wenzhou had one family", "northeast", "old farmer" and many other hugely popular drama of conscience, the majority of the audience favorite. Although the first foray into the theme of World War II, but by virtue of his profound screenwriter foundation, the story of the fine control and open spiritual vision, enough to become the last visa ratings and reputation guarantee. In addition, also directed a number of war movies "gold war director", and "the last bar, a visa" will then climb the peak, becoming a classic screen. During World War II that turbulent era, Chinese in the case of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, China diplomats will sow the seeds of peace in a foreign country. They are really with the humanitarian spirit of justice, they used personal experience to tell the world: life is equal, should not have racial, or distinction. Foreign actors to play up between one of the most wonderful eulogize the truth of human conscience play place than the fiery Biao play actor. "The last visa" gathered in China and Czech, the two outstanding actors, of which the most notable is Wang Lei and chen.相关的主题文章: