Cruel neighbor – Sanya kantarovsky midd-885

" cruel neighbor " – Sanya Kantarovsky Sanya was born in Moscow in 1982, lives and works in New York. Sanya works involving video installations and sculptures, but is better known by his paintings in the picture: he often wipe or scraping thin layers of paint, and the isolated, strong character, but he doesn’t usually describe the life, but to borrow the cartoon illustrations in the text of the query function. The common themes in these works include indirect social and political commentary. The narrative in Sanya’s painting is nonlinear, and there is no specific figure. He will study the comic language, because the cartoon provides many possibilities, and will become unstable and interesting relationship with the real world, but Sanya often see extensive visual material from Tibetan painting to painting and the new German objectivism tour school Russian realism. But he did not take the pictures as illustrations: there are many inconsistencies between images and texts. Some of the paintings are specific scenes, while others are mixed alone. Early memory Sanya in Moscow in his work, perhaps the most direct element is his lattice structures, it refers to his childhood home in Russia exhibition window gate "cruel neighbor" (Feral Neighbours) show a "Sanya cruel neighbor" (Feral Neighbours) recently Modern Art held in london. In Moscow, there is a 1/4 mile, a total of 16 story apartment building, which is the bottom of the shops, there is a subway station under the ground. We can see its huge body in the back of the three portraits. The building is known as the "House Ship", the facade is filled with air conditioning units and dish shaped satellite signal receiver. I guess at least 2000 people live there. House Ship is full of respectful feeling of order — this is a graceful bearing indifference image, if it wants to have the occupants of the seclusion of the illusion, then this is it necessary. People are not interested in their neighbors, and they want their neighbors to repay the favor". But people forget that there are pipes and lines in all the walls of the building. The construction of our privacy has evolved into an unstable thing. On this matter the firm occasionally lose its foothold, although can win permission and glamorous voyeur exhibitionism. We have so much to share with our relaxed attitude, which is in part because our audience is very efficient in finding us, and most of them will share with us. Source: Art eye · ARTIST相关的主题文章: