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  • November 16, 2017
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"King of comedy" cross promotion race ended He Jie regret retire – He Jie stunning beauty entertainment Sohu Diao Chan Sohu by Beijing TV entertainment news China blockbuster launch of the first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competitive king" the tenth phase of the program on the evening of November 5th 20:30 splendid performance. Integrated two votes, staged in this episode Diao Chan play Lv Bu, the fifth round of the championship to become the champion of the. And then show that He Jie announced that due to work schedule reasons, not to participate in the finals, Li Yugang, Zhou Jie, Lan Qin, Carman Lee 4 by micro-blog vote, will return to the final stage, with the first four round of qualifying for the finals champion with "crossover comedy called" king of no.. The finals will take a new format of what? They will bring what kind of wonderful performance? Almighty son Yang Wei, "take over" Liu Hua Aya Huang Xiaolei as the voice of the tenth women in the workplace during the first stage of Yang Wei Liu Hua, staged a battle of wits douyong drama father-in-law and son-in-law, "today is to give him his daughter married," don’t give up the old guard Liu Hua put on martial arts clothing, decided to give the son a little color see see. However, the initial father-in-law Yang Wei acted impeccably, an "Olympic champion" style, three fingers to support the push up audience acclaim. A chair with a needle was originally used to pit son-in-law, but was himself the four seat, father Liu Hua amused the audience reaction. And the last Liu Hua back to the security service, said his feelings of sadness, I defended her for twenty-three years, the next you pick my class is moved the audience. In this episode Aya Huang Xiaolei put on occupation turned urban women in the office, staged a fight in short side". Two people have a private office romance, but in the company’s pantry unexpectedly crashed into each other’s secrets, urban drama second spy drama. "When you stop the progress of man when I got nowhere to go, one day you will look down on me." In the face of her husband Huang Xiaolei wants her to give up the "deputy general contest" request out verse, provoked the audience applause, but the woman in the face of the hospital when pregnant notice to choose to give up the competition, office romance sad provoked the audience whirlwind tears. He Jie Hu Yanbin Yundi Li Kennan "challenge the historical classic white death" to see the truth of He Jie’s amazing beauty Diao Chan, Dong and Lv Bu alienate a badger entrusted by the people. Three people sang adapted version of the "auspicious Sambo" is more amused the audience roar. "Lv Bu was looking at me there, and his eyes were still full of color, and he felt a little thought about me." Father Dong Zhuo Lv Bu died last Former friends become enemies with each other., sword, weak woman Diao Chan and eventually by the wisdom of all things to all men, keep Jiangshan tahan. Cross star Hu Yanbin also played the costume, the embodiment of major general Yang Zongbao, and comedy agent Li Jing is in order to fully cooperate with the Hu Yanbin show "play with". The middle of the night Yang Zongbao was a military uniform gentleman caught, Pope Paul determined on thebattlefield, but because it is the only child to be rebuffed grandma yang. The joy of their quarrel attracted seven aunts and his wife Mu Guiying, Mu Guiying was pregnant belly.相关的主题文章: