Crack parking difficult to rely on more private capital

Crack parking is difficult to rely on more private capital entrance further clear property rights of the parking lot, to dispel the concerns of private investors, to attract private capital into the parking industry. In order to solve the problem of parking, housing and urban construction department, the Ministry of land and resources two departments recently jointly issued the new deal, from the aspects of the planning approval, land supply policy, encourage additional parking lot. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the car park in the future for real estate registration. While a year ago, the national development and Reform Commission issued a "guidance" on the strengthening of city parking facilities construction, fully clear the liberalization of investment in social capital parking lot, encourage social capital investment and operation of the parking lot. Government departments continue to introduce policies, the introduction of private capital to build parking lot, this direction is undoubtedly wise. In recent years, the rapid growth in the number of motor vehicles, parking gap has more than 50 million. But in the face of the parking industry such a huge market opportunity, social capital are reluctant to set foot in. This leads to a single supply of parking spaces, slow growth in the number of parking is also a major reason for the difficulty. In contrast, the private parking lot industry is very developed in the United States, private parking lot can be seen everywhere to stop parking billboards. In the area of only 62 square kilometers of New York, Manhattan, the total number of private parking garage more than 10. The United States private parking lot independent pricing, the only requirement is to be marked in the parking lot entrance code. In Japan, the government also encourages the private parking lot construction, in the last century in 70s and 80s, Japan on the parking lot outside the building and affiliated parking lot construction and operation of tax breaks, after the construction of the parking lot to implement interest free loans. Now, the construction of private investment in Japan parking facilities accounted for half of the country’s total number of parking lot. In China, there are many reasons for the slow development of private parking lots. According to the "property law", only the exclusive right of the parking space in the garage and underground parking spaces, underground parking lot, slope area surface construction of the red line outside a parking space, facilities, machinery first floor layer property ownership is not clear, easy to cause controversy, greatly limits the private capital investment enthusiasm of the parking lot. Private car park low return, return time is too long. Such as the Nanjing folk investment annual parking lot parking fees charged only ten million, and garage maintenance, electric power, labor and other operating costs are up to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Private enterprises in Wuhan have won 7 public parking projects, but did not start. Because investors calculate a bill, if only parking fees for income, to build a parking lot to 100 years to recover the cost. It is because of the lack of profit in the construction of the parking lot, which led to a large parking market, but private capital has not been interested in. In addition, there are still many problems in the construction of private parking lot, such as the lack of parking space, the complexity of the examination and approval procedures, financing difficulties and so on. This time, the two sector to encourage private investment in the new car park, to a certain extent, solve the above problems. Further clarify the property rights of the parking lot, to dispel the concerns of private investors, to attract private capital into. With the construction of new projects and the construction of public parking spaces open to the community, without changing the nature of the land, not to reduce parking spaces相关的主题文章: