Cool autumn Jiezhuang small accessories to create a warm Home Furnishing

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  • November 16, 2017
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Cool autumn Jiezhuang small accessories to create a warm Home Furnishing?? autumn comes, every morning, can feel a cool autumn, a busy day, back home, hope home is warm. In fact, build a warm nest is not difficult, just need to add some small home accessories, a warm home perfectly presented! A clever use of color,???? the color of the decorative effect is very obvious, many people also want to decorate on the wall with some bold colors, but there are too many concerns, not afraid of these colors hold. Don’t be afraid, in the fall, can consider to add some Home Furnishing warm home, like an orange lamp, a red picture, or a handful of beautiful flowers, can not the same warmth for injection. ?? Two, the amount of cushion is good?? pillow is soft and comfortable, strong sense of decoration, a lot of people love on the sofa bed and put a large cushion for decoration. In fact, this is not necessarily a good decorative effect, too many pillows but easy to appear the space cluttered, sofa bed cushion, not too much, appropriate to put a few good. A small pillow placed, can bring people comfortable, too many pillows, sofa and bed will reduce space, bring people sitting and sleeping inconvenience. ?? Three, the vitality of the flowers?? because there is no time and energy to take care of the flowers, in order to achieve the purpose of decoration, so the flowers and fake pot into many families will choose the decoration. But here it is recommended that you choose the real flowers and plants to decorate. Although the shape of flowers grass is also very realistic, but after all, not really flowers with vitality, fake flowers without watering care, but the dust in the above will often clean, so why not choose the true flowers to decorate? ?? Four, try a variety of small jewelry?? everyone’s home, there will be some more or less small ornaments, small ornaments are. These small things at home, it is easy to be ignored, in fact, their decorative effect is very strong. Put out the ornaments are not placed there, cannot change their position, change often, different combination of jewelry display, tend to add different decorative effects, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling. ? five, curtains to enhance the decorative effect of a room, in addition to walls, ceilings, the largest area is probably a curtain, which shows how strong the decorative effect of the curtains. The curtain is brought to people’s intuitive decorative effect, to choose a curtain of space style have the effect that make the finishing point. On the contrary, if you use a not suitable decoration curtain, good room will feel neither fish nor fowl. The curtain is suitable for hanging in the window above 5 cm, the higher floors will be room curtains hanging to the ground started from the top, can appear more space.相关的主题文章: