City Image Li Xiangqun art exhibition held in the Imperial Palace Museum running man 20130908

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  • November 15, 2017
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The city, like: Li Xiangqun Art Exhibition Poster Exhibition held in November 11, 2016 in the Imperial Palace Museum, the Imperial Palace Museum in the Jianfu palace garden launched the first large-scale outdoor sculpture exhibition ", as the city – Li Xiangqun art exhibition, exhibition of famous artist Li Xiangqun the latest creation of" four yuan "series and" Forbidden City "," Walker "representative, let the contemporary sculpture and architecture of the Forbidden City to conduct a dialogue across time and space. This is the first stop of Li Xiangqun after the world tour, will also travel to Shanghai, Germany and other domestic and foreign museums. Artist Li Xiangqun Dan Jixiang speech to the Imperial Palace museum director Li Xiangqun issued a donation certificate on the opening of the exhibition, Mr. Li Xiangqun donated a set of "four yuan" series of works to the the Imperial Palace Museum, the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang Li Xiangqun issued a donation certificate. Mr. Li Xiangqun donated the sculpture spirit with the Imperial Palace classical architecture, formation of the classic dialogue, shows the relationship between Chinese classical art and contemporary art heritage and development, become a new bright spot in the Imperial Palace Museum of contemporary sculpture collection. This exhibition is an academic research exhibition, only limited to the relevant researchers to make an appointment to visit. The opening scene of modern dance dance Hou Ying Hou Ying 2 opening scene dance modern dance "the Forbidden City": one of the highlights of the real dialogue across time and space of the Forbidden City the exhibition is Li Xiangqun’s sculpture "the Forbidden City" into the the Imperial Palace, under the red and yellow tiles, green pine, cypress trees, more than and 200 square meters the giant works on display in front of the Jianfu courtyard, spectacular scenes, a dialogue across time and space of contemporary art and the Forbidden City the Chinese classical architectural essence. This piece of work to cast the buildings of the Forbidden City Panorama with white copper, into 25 relatively independent units, through which visitors can experience and enjoy. Li Xiangqun Great Forbidden City Cupronickel 817.8× the Forbidden City paktong; 662.4× 87.5cm (segmentation before) 2012 artist Li Xiangqun said he this artwork on display at the the Imperial Palace is always looking forward, Li Xiangqun said himself as a contemporary artist, just want to work with the visual effect, also want to cause problems and thinking through the works: "I use crystal sculpture realistic style and concept of contemporary art on the the Imperial Palace the Chinese historical culture of statues, is in fact a cultural space of statues, forming a cultural portrait in my mind, it is also a life for me, can be exhibited in the the Imperial Palace, will give you the art of thinking and culture more experience the". Li Xiangqun at the scene of the exhibition guests took the four yuan to pay tribute to the spirit of Oriental Art ": the exhibition also debuted Li Xiangqun’s" four yuan "series of Huang Gongwang, Ni Zan, Wu Zhen, Wang Meng, the four great painters of Yuan Dynasty enjoys a high position in the history of art China. Li Xiangqun from his own culture and art angle for their statues, such as the works of "painting" performance is a state of his painting, he is no longer a pen, but another piece of this idea相关的主题文章: