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Home-Improvement Choose Natural Insulation to stay warm this winter (By: OBC Builders Sevenoaks) The UKs winter months are around the corner and our OBC Builders in Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells want to make sure we help UK Homeowners to keep their homes warm and their energy usage at a minimal. Unfortunately, energy usage escalates during the winter months and many people opt for expensive heating appliances and technology, not knowing that there are other, more sustainable insulation techniques. Sustainable Insulation: Our OBC Trustmark builders have incorporated sustainable building techniques into our homebuilding and refurbishment approach. Insulation is an important aspect of sustainable homebuilding and design. Effective insulation will keep your home warm during the winter months and cool during the summer season. So ask a Trustmark Builder to advise you on sustainable insulation materials techniques. OBCs Builders in Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells are registered with Trustmark. This government-endorsed scheme cross-references .panies for stability and good workmanship in all aspects of building. Natural vs. Conventional Insulation Techniques: Besides being environmentally friendly, natural insulation products hold many added benefits when .pared to conventional insulation products and techniques. Our OBC Builders in Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells are familiar with conventional insulation materials. These might be more cost-effective but what are the long-term benefits in terms of resource sustainability and energy usage? Conventional insulation materials are made from petrochemicals and contain a wide range of adhesives and additives. The manufacturing process of these materials is resource and energy-intensive. Natural insulation materials on the other hand are made from renewable, organic resources and can be reused and recycled. Besides being non-toxic and allergen free, they reduce condensation problems and regulate humidity. Its however unfortunate that these insulation materials are more expensive at the moment but this could soon change due to growing consumer demands and a rise in oil prices. Ask your local builder to advise on cost-effective yet sustainable insulation options. Here are a few examples from of natural and recycled Insulation materials provided by our Trustmark Builders: Sheeps Wool (Thermafleece): This material is very effective for insulation purposes and its embodied energy is very low. To reduce the risk of fire and mites, this insulation material might require basic chemical treatment. Hemp insulation: Hemp insulation is not only breathable but also able to absorb, retain and release moisture without affecting its thermal properties. Vermin or other pests will not attack hemp insulation. Isonat Plus Isonat Plus is a high-density product, made from natural fibres and does not irritate the eyes, skin, or respiratory tract. Apart from being used as an insulation material, Isonal Plus also has excellent sound damping properties. Wood fibre Steicoflex is a flexible, high-density product. This insulation slab is made from forest thinnings and saw mill residues. Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) LECA is a natural product containing no harmful substances. It is inert with a neutral pH value, resistant to frost and chemicals, will not break down in water, is non-biodegradable, non-.bustible and has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. Non-Itch Eco Fibre Non-Itch Eco Fibre is made from 85% recycled plastic bottles and 15% polyester to bind the insulation together. It has the same thermal efficiency as glass fibre but without the free-floating fibres. This insulation material is suitable for lofts, timber frame walls and roofs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: