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  • April 16, 2018
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Chinese American high school students to apply for outstanding students refused to mention unfair admission – Sohu news high school grades and community activities are outstanding Zhao Ruida, apply for many schools have been rejected. (the "world news" Zhao Rui Facebook screenshot) in new network on 28 August, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the U.S. Asian Education Alliance (AACE) chairman Zhao Yukong’s son, Zhao Ruida, became the latest protest of an Ivy League school admission injustice of the protagonist. As a high school school "the only two" won the National Merit Scholarship (National Merit Scholarship) students, and active in student organizations, GPA is as high as 5.3, but he not only apply to the Ivy League in vain, even the nation’s top 20 universities, he will shut out. American Federation of Asian education director Jie bin on the morning of 27 interviewed by reporters said that the union informed academic and community activities of outstanding Zhao Ruida, many schools refused to news, was shocked, he stressed that Zhao Ruida is not a "bookworm", his outstanding performance in all aspects, more representative of high school, participate in the world academic competition, are also active in volunteer organizations, especially the "Zhao Ruida incident" shows including Chinese, Asian students, unfair treatment by applying for college. According to the union, union day before has been to the United States Department of Education Office of civil rights assistant foreign minister Ramon (Catherine Lhamon), submitted a formal letter, urged the office, submitted to Zhao Ruida Orlando in August 10th in Florida City, the rights of appeal, objective and impartial investigation. Notice that the complaint that because of racism, Columbia University and Cornell University unfairly refused admission Zhao rui. GPA Zhao Ruida high school average score as high as 5.3, SAT and PSAT also get high scores, in addition, Zhao Ruida in the High School Science Olympiad, the debate team and science knowledge competition in student organizations, were the chairman or captain, he is also keen to participate in volunteer activities. But sadly, the 700 students in the high school graduate this year, Zhao Ruida cannot rise above the common herd top, the top 20, but other non Asian students, although the results and extracurricular activities are not good Zhao Ruida, but the smooth admission of the top 20 schools. (Huang Huiling)相关的主题文章: