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  • January 19, 2018
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"Chinese relation" the audience into a sense of   praise is reality theme — textbook channel — original title: "China relation" have been praised the audience into a sense of reality theme "relationship" China textbook drama "China stills relationship" after the broadcast, the viewing rate is high in the city of CSM52, and CSM35 City 2 ratings data, are among the best, and frequently topped the ratings of the crown, discuss the "guanxi" Chinese also formed flood on the Internet, whether ordinary viewers or critics, media people, all of the "China thermal multi-faceted relationship" launched a deeper discussion. Different from ordinary domestic drama, "China relation" in addition to show the human society’s "human and God, and not deliberately avoid some gaps in real life, the true and bloody side appear naked in front of the audience, both men and women, marriage, career, relationship, friends or interests, have relating to, can be said to be a long realistic themes of good works. A true reflection of social reality, the audience will have a "Chinese type" relationship into a sense of leadership "and" interests "and" partnership "," relationship "," family ties "these five kinds of life have the most significant impact on the relationship between the deep and meticulous description and characterization, rather China characteristics the story with intriguing plot, let the audience have experience in humor and laughter, whether ordinary users or critics, media people, have opened the social reality according to the plot China corner by their real feelings, to start hot on the" China relation ". It can be said that the actor Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) and actress Jiang Yinan (MAI? Ornaments) at the beginning of the aura of discord, is the collision between Chinese type relationship with western thinking, a man put a tactful manner, starting from a green hand, come straight to the point, the character making contradictions and humor the audience will, between the two hilarious and very profound story of relish. In addition to the male and female between the wonderful scenes, Ma Guoliang from the "middle crisis" to the "new man" growth path, is also a major part of the drama. From the inside of the system, Ma Guoliang walked out of the system and went into business, starting from scratch. It seemed like a midlife crisis, and it was also a journey to re search for himself. In this process, Ma Guoliang has experienced a middle-aged Mengsui baptism, but by virtue of tenacity and inviolable moral principles in the commercial arena full of craft and cunning, with just break a piece of heaven and earth. Different from other domestic drama, "Chinese relation" in addition to show the human society’s "human, human", also did not deliberately avoid some gaps in real life, real and bloody side, naked to show in front of the audience. The audience said, "China relation" the biggest characteristic is that the characters just debut are not perfect, but everyone is looking more and more lovely. "" Chinese relation ", every drink, every business is like a game of wisdom, interest to compete, the role of each line shows the different identity and status they represent. From different societies 《中国式关系》观众都有代入感 被赞现实题材教科书–山东频道–人民网 原标题:《中国式关系》观众都有代入感 被赞现实题材教科书 《中国式关系》剧照 电视剧《中国式关系》播出后,收视率一直高居不下,在CSM52城和CSM35城两大收视数据中,均名列前茅,并频频登顶收视之冠,有关《中国式关系》的讨论也在网上形成洪流,不论是普通观众还是评论人、媒体人,都对“中国式关系”展开了更深层面的多面热议。不同于一般的国产剧,《中国式关系》除了展现人情社会的“人情、人味”,并没有刻意规避现实生活中的一些罅隙,将真实而血淋淋的一面赤裸裸地展现在观众面前,无论是婚姻、男女、职场、亲缘、朋友还是利益关系,都有所涉及,可以说是一部久违的现实主义题材好作品。 真实反映社会现实,观众都会有代入感 《中国式关系》对“领导关系”、“利益关系”、“合伙关系”、“男女关系”、“家庭关系”这五种对人生产生最重大影响的关系进行深刻细致的描写及刻画,颇具“中国特色”的剧情加上耐人寻味的桥段,让观众在幽默与欢笑中另有体会,不论是普通网友还是评论人、媒体人,都纷纷依据剧情揭开的中国社会现实一角而代入自己的现实情感,对“中国式关系”展开热议。 可以说,男主角马国梁(陈建斌 饰)与女主角江一楠(马伊? 饰)起初的气场不和,是中国式关系与西方思维之间的碰撞,一个摆出过来人的架势处事圆滑,一个初出茅庐单刀直入,这种从人物性格出发、制造矛盾和幽默的手法,令观众将两人之间令人捧腹又极具深意的故事看得津津有味。 除了男女主角之间精彩的对手戏,马国梁从“中产危机”到“破旧立新”的男人成长之路,也是该剧的一大看点。马国梁从体制内勇敢走到体制外,下海经商从头打拼,看似是一次中年危机,其实也是一次重寻自我之旅。在这个过程中,马国梁经历了一场中年梦碎的洗礼,但凭借坚韧的意志及不可侵犯的道德原则,在诡计多端的商业江湖中,凭借一身正气闯出一片天地。 有别于其他国产剧,《中国式关系》除了展现人情社会的“人情、人味”,也并没有刻意规避现实生活中的一些罅隙,将真实而血淋淋的一面,赤裸裸地展现在观众面前。有观众表示,《中国式关系》最大的特色就在于,剧中的人物刚登场时都不完美,但每个人都越看越可爱:“《中国式关系》中,每一次喝酒、每一次谈生意,都像是一场智慧的博弈,利益的争夺,每个角色的台词都彰显出他们所代表的不同身份、地位。从不同社会角色的人们独有的社会视角勾勒出当下中国社会的各种人情人味,无论是婚姻、男女、职场、亲缘、朋友还是利益关系,都有所涉及,可以说是一部久违的现实主义题材教科书。” 陈建斌激发少女心,网友关心老马未来感情动态 剧中,男主角马国梁没颜没钱,却依靠一颗真诚的心,得到身边众多人物的崇拜和依赖。同时在戏外,这个角色也激发了不少网友的“少女心”,有观众表示已经拜倒在陈建斌“煎饼叔”的西装裤下:“冷面笑匠老干部,内心粉糯甜地瓜,想给他养老扶他散步,和少女们组团去戳他颤颤巍巍的大圆脸蛋子。” 剧情中,在罗世丰(田小洁 饰)的离间下,马国梁离开了一手创立的公司。虽然马国梁再次落难,但观众们都深知“小马哥”作为男主角,肯定自带男主光环,因此对他的东山再起都充满期待。事业不操心,网友们却为马哥的感情走向操起心来。虽然此前还心系前妻,但随着刘俐俐(胡可 饰)再婚,两人已经复合无望,因此与马国梁既是事业伙伴又是灵魂挚友的江一楠,以及性感火辣,对马国梁一片丹心的小美女霍瑶瑶(叶一云 饰)成为未来马嫂的有力人选。观众们也自主成为两派cp党,摇旗呐喊。支持马国梁和江一楠的观众表示:“江一楠明显更能和老马聊到一块儿去,两人的价值观也很相似,这个新马嫂,没跑了。”而支持霍瑶瑶的观众则表示不到最后绝不放弃,并对剧中的马国梁喊话:“像瑶瑶这样出得厅堂入得厨房还对你死心塌地的女孩儿,过了这村就没这店了啊!”(小湖) (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: