Chinese people to Japan burst buy gradually subsided, said the quality of domestic products to

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  • June 4, 2018
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Chinese Japan "burst buy" gradually subsided to improve the quality of products called Sohu News Reference News Network February 25 news media said, compared to last year, this year during the Spring Festival in Tokyo declined China tourists consumption, may be due to the 2015 Chinese economic slowdown and the appreciation of the yen, "explosive purchase" heat subsided. According to voice of America radio website reported on February 25th, 2015, the bulk of consumer stores in Japan Chinese visitors to create a new word, called "explosive purchase", Japanese retailers ushered in the spring after decades of weak domestic demand. This year, some tourists are still in China like Lake Bridge and Ikebukuro large camera store shopping. Chen Lei, a tourist from Beijing, chooses Japan as a destination for the family’s Spring Festival travel, and plans to spend seventy thousand yuan on shopping. He said, "it’s mainly about shopping.". I was going to take my son to the Disney Park, but the baby was a little small, so my wife said, "go shopping.". We were empty boxes when we came in, and now we’ve bought two boxes, and they’re all full." Reported that the Tokyo retail sales last year soared this year, specifically for Chinese consumers to develop sales strategy, but this time, although the number of tourists has increased, but sales data early and last year but there is a big difference. "I think they’ve begun to study the product carefully," said Takahashi Katsuhiko, assistant manager of the Tokyo store of the lake bridge camera. They used to buy popular goods, such as stainless steel bottles, and now they sell things they like, such as cosmetics." Retailers say sales are expected to fall by 25%, despite the fact that the number of tourists has not changed. In 2015, the number of tourists from mainland Chinese more than doubled in 2014, reached 5 million, the total number of Japanese tourists increased to nearly 20 million, while the Japanese government had hoped to achieve this goal until 2020. Some Chinese tourists say they will no longer buy Japanese goods in bulk during their holidays. Tourists from Dalian Yang Jiao (sound) said: "now I think the quality of Chinese products also increased, so a lot of unnecessary supplies to Japan to buy quality products to the needs of daily life Chinese. As young people, I think traveling is about experiencing and seeing, not just for shopping." Gao Tian Mizuho Research Institute chief economist Chong said, "explosive purchase" is fading. He said: "one of the factors is Chinese slowdown in economic growth, such as the stock market fell, the second is the appreciation of the yen, especially from January to date, this may lead to the average amount of consumption per person decreased." But he said: "the steady growth of the number of visitors Chinese, I think the Japanese tourism industry will enter a" explosive purchase "era, the establishment of the development of the" experience "business model in many areas, rather than focus on the consumer." Tourists from Beijing Zhou Ying (sound) 26 years old this year, she made a friend and go sightseeing plans, including Tokyo’s museums, shops and cultural scenic spots. She said, "I think a lot of rich people might be here to buy Electronic products. Most of us here; 中国人赴日“爆买”渐消退 称国货质量在提高-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月25日报道外媒称,相比去年,今年春节期间在东京的中国游客消费下降,原因可能是2015年中国经济放缓和日元升值,“爆发式购买”热度消退。   据美国之音电台网站2月25日报道,2015年,中国游客在日本卖场的大宗消费创造了一个新词,叫做“爆炸式购买”,日本的零售商在数十年的国内需求疲软之后迎来了春天。   今年,一些中国游客依然在像淀桥和池袋这样的大型照相机连锁店购物。   来自北京的游客陈磊(音)选择日本作为全家春节旅游的目的地,还打算花七万人民币用于购物。他说:“主要是来买东西。本来是打算带儿子来玩一下迪士尼乐园,但是孩子还有点小,所以爱人就说买东西吧。我们来的时候是空箱子,现在买了两个箱子,都已经装满了。”   报道称,东京的零售商去年销售额暴涨,因此今年专门为中国消费者制定了销售策略,但是这次,尽管游客人数上升了,但是早期的销售数据却与去年大有不同。   淀桥相机东京店的助理经理高桥克彦是说:“我觉得他们已经开始仔细地研究产品。过去他们是买流行的商品,比如不锈钢水瓶,现在他们是卖自己喜欢的东西,比如化妆品。”   零售商表示,销售额预计会下跌25%,尽管来消费的游客人数并没有变。   2015年,来自中国大陆的游客人数比2014年翻了一番,达到500万,日本的游客总数增加到将近2000万,而日本政府原本希望到2020年才实现这一目标。   一些中国游客表示,他们不再会在度假期间大宗购买日本商品。   来自大连的游客杨娇(音)说:“我觉得现在中国产品的质量也在提高,所以很多日用品不必要来日本买,中国产品的质量足以日常生活需要。作为年轻人,我认为旅游是为了体验和长见识,不仅是为了买东西。”   瑞穗综合研究所首席经济学家高田创表示,“爆发式购买”确实在消退。他说:“一个因素是中国经济增长放缓,比如股市下跌,其次就是日元升值,尤其是从一月至今,这可能导致每个人的平均消费额减少。”   但他表示:“中国游客数量稳定增长,我想日本旅游业会进入一个后‘爆发式购买’时代,在众多领域建立开发‘体验’的商业模式,而不仅仅注重消费。”   来自北京的游客周莹(音)今年26岁,她制定了一个和朋友一起观光的计划,包括东京的博物馆、商店和文化景区。   她说:“我觉得很多有钱人可能到这里来购买电子产品。大多数我们这样的年轻人是来体,看更多的风景、品尝更多的美味佳肴。”    相关的主题文章: