Chicken good luck to pray to the most popular incense

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  • March 18, 2017
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Beijing Lama Temple

"male female Yonghe, Hongluo", it is widely circulated that refers to the men to go to Lama Temple for the woman to go to Hongluo Temple for the best spirit. A lot of people come here to wish all realize the desire, word of mouth, Lama Temple is efficacious reputation, let it become one of the most popular temple incense in Beijing. On the first day, the fifteen day of incense is overcrowded.


Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

at home and abroad pilgrims lay together Lingyin Temple bell incense, Lingyin Temple is traditionally reserved. The new year’s Eve night ten points to the first two in the morning, open to pilgrims to householders, and provide free incense, often nearly 10000 tourists flocked to Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou for the next year.


Dazhao Temple

Zhao, Chinese name "boundless Temple", Mongolian meaning "temple". Hohhot city is located in the District of Jade Spring Dazhao street, was built in the Ming Dynasty Wanli seven years (1579), was first built in Hohhot to teach Lama temple. For hundreds of years, it has been one of the most famous Buddhist sites in Inner Mongolia and one of the most famous Buddhist centers in northern china.

Wuhan Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

Guiyuan Buddhist Temple covers an area of 4.67 hectares, possession of many Buddhist relics, is one of the largest collection of Buddhist temples. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is one of the most popular temples in Wuhan. An interesting form to the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple luohangtang’s well-known, far and near is the combination of Folk Buddhism belief and. According to their age, free from any one of the arhat statue according to the order number, how old is the number of respect, to look at this date when ahrat appellation action and facial expressions, you can go to taste from thinking, can realize some life philosophy.

Longhua Shanghai temple

Longhua Temple Temple is the oldest and largest in Shanghai area. It is said that Longhua temple is the mother of Sun Quan in the Three Kingdoms period;