Changchun guy others found the living room buy Vanke golden shrink

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  • March 9, 2017
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Changchun guy others found the living room buy Vanke golden "shrink"

2016 February, Yang Changchun Yatai street intersection in the city of Victoria and South Vanke Golden Mile District bought a commercial housing for housing as a marriage. When buying a house, the contract on the size of the living room with a length of 4.2 meters, can be found after he found that the living room length of only 3.6 meters.


surnamed Zhang said that the overall housing area is not wrong, only the sale of housing, the staff will be "map of the page the wrong apartment layout".

guy to buy Vanke Golden Mile residential housing tenant found the living room "shrunk"

2016 February, Changchun yang to buy the marriage room, several showings, he decided to buy Yatai street and the South Fourth Ring Road intersection wankejin district.

when buying a house, people say that the sale must be optimistic about the contents of the contract." Yang said that in order to avoid errors, he repeatedly inspected the purchase contract, after checking, he paid the first payment, signed a contract.

December 31, 2016, sales staff told him the house down, you can go to the sales office to take the key.

marriage room to turn the key, which is with Mr. Yang and his girlfriend, is a very happy thing, but he did not expect is that the length of the house living room has shrunk.

"I was happy to see the house, but I did not expect the living room ‘short’." Yang said that he was just busy to find the purchase contract view, the length of the living room length of 4.2 meters on the contract, but in fact only 3.6 meters.

repeatedly found Vanke sales office communication has not been resolved

"I think this is cheating, selling the time to tell me everything in accordance with the contract, if they are not responsible for the error, and now they have a problem, but it is not resolved." Yang said that the living room shrink water, he repeatedly found the sales offices to solve, but has not been accepted.

"I also went to other home, there are a lot of people buy a house and I had the same problem, because we are" the lift elevator ", less area are accounted for some of the elevator, elevator is" small lift "is the correct length." Yang said that the emergence of such things so that he was very angry, if the time to buy a house, the sales side told him that the living room length is 3.6 meters, then he is likely not to buy this house. Now out of such a problem, the sales side has not yet to give a statement.

Vanke person in charge: no difference in the size of the contract is only a wrong figure

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